Arrogant WWL "Journalist" Ted Miller Takes Shot at Well-Informed Fan

As the regular readers of BN know, we don't put a whole lot of stock into the "analysis" that ESPN's "journalist" Ted Miller puts out there on the Pac-10. Like Nestor has pointed out before, Miller is just a hack who is more than happy to sell out for a desperate corporate media company and pump up the teams playing in his bosses' featured telecasts.

Nestor highlighted some of Miller's more blatantly stupid comments of late, specifically (emphasis added:

USC fans should take solace in this: After all the symbolic slings and arrows are thrown, everyone knows that USC walked away from the 2004 season as the consensus national champion, at least in terms of the football part of football. Nothing it did wrong -- by any measure -- gave it a competitive advantage.

And while Nestor and other BN regulars have had fun with Miller's disingenuous "analysis", another fan took the shot to Miller himself. Says one fan ("Mike from Sacramento"):

You are being disingenuous when you state that USC's violations were off the field and didn't impact its success on the field. The constant presence of agents and runners around the program on top of the well-known fact that blue chip players could essentially operate with impunity as they compromise their amateur status, directly impacted how they performed on the field. This information has been whispered about for nearly a decade on the recruiting trail and it is well-known in NFL locker rooms. This conduct directly leads to recruiting success. By any measure, USC stockpiled talent through its recruiting which was the main reason for its run. So, yes the violations of USC directly impacted their success on the field.I get that you disagree with the NCAA's rulings but your attempts, at every opportunity, to color the violations of USC as anything but plain old cheating does a disservice to your readers.

Hmm, couldn't have said better it better myself. Sort of a shortened version of a lot of the talking points we've heard from Nestor and other folks from around the Pac-10.

But Miller couldn't take the high-road and admit fault. Nope. Being the arrogant, corporate hack that he is, he went into full attack mode:

I'm sure that you're not saying that the NCAA was justified in hammering USC due to "whispers." So please send me the list of recruiting violations the NCAA found at USC. Further, beyond Reggie Bush, please list the "blue chip players [who] could essentially operate with impunity as they compromised their amateur status" as revealed in the NCAA report.

You can almost see Miller sneering at this poor fan who dared speak up with a voice of reason. Miller is so quick to defend his U$C overlords, he misses the forest for the trees. Sure, the NCAA report that brought down the hammer on those cheating jack-holes from across town only talked about Bush, Mayo, and a woman's tennis player. But, three does make a pattern, and Miller conveniently forgets that.

Miller also conveniently forgets that the NCAA report only touches on the tip of the iceberg. One need look no further than the list that Menelaus has put together on the repeated, consistent, over-the-top criminal, cheating behavior of the scumbags from across town.

So, Teddy-boy, since you're too lazy to be a real journalist and investigate the facts (you can visualize that buffoon pulling out the ol' Merriam-Webster and trying to find these crazy words, investigate, facts, and intellectual honesty), let me give you some of the recruiting violations (but I'll keep it to the highlights only) that the NCAA didn't even need to include to bring U$C behind the woodshed (from Menelaus' list):

Oh, and that list doesn't even include the other shenanigans that Nestor took note of subsequent to Menelaus' list:

So, "Mike from Sacramento" if you're out there somewhere, don't worry, you're not the only Pac-10 fan tired of Miller's pattern of selling out for U$C in a desperate attempt to suck up to Heritage Hall and please his corporate masters at WWL.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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