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Coach Howland's Second Annual HDSA LA Hoop-A-Thon: A Huge Success

The second annual HDSA LA Hoop-A-Thon hosted by Coach Howland and his wife Mrs. Kim Howland on Friday night was a huge success. As the official site noted, "Over 400 people were on hand as either spectators or participants as 27 teams of 10 people battled it out to take the championship title of the Hoop-A-Thon."

You can read up on the full details of the event here. The official site also has a very cool photo gallery of the event. The crowd at Pauley also got to watch a very powerful, touching and informative video on Huntington Disease produced by UCLA Health System that featured Coach Howland and former race car driver John Paul, Jr.


Congrats to Coach & Mrs. Howland for pulling off a wonderful event. More on this after the jump.

A number of classic Ben Ball warriors including AA, JF, RH, and LRMAM showed up to show their support for Coach Howland. ESPNLA's Blair Angulo posted video highlights of comments from Coach Howland, Coach Nikki Caldwell, AA, JF and Trevor Ariza:

Good to see the greater Bruin basketball family get behind him re. a cause that is so personal event. Here is to the event doubling or tripling its attendance next season.