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[Updated] From Notre Dame To UCLA? Former 4 Star Recruit WR Shaquelle Evans Looking To Transfer ...

Bruins might be getting another jolt of good news on the transfer/recruiting front. Okay,  the Brandon Willis to UCLA transfer hasn't been completely executed yet. From everything we have heard to date it all looks very good for the Bruins as he is in the process of getting his transfer papers in order for Westwood (knock on wood). Getting Brandon Willis will all but effectively wipe out the memories of Josh Shirley saga in Westwood. Now it looks like Coach Rick Neuheisel might be getting another pleasant surprise as former 4 star WR recruit from class of 2009 - Notre Dame's Shaquelle Evans - could be heading to UCLA. From the South Bend Tribune:

Those close to the program characterized the transfer as a done deal late Tuesday afternoon with only some administrative kinks to work out.

"We have contacted Shaquelle," Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said after practice Tuesday."

UCLA, on the quarter system, doesn't begin classes until late September. Former Irish tight end Joseph Fauria transferred there in the summer of 2009 and is currently the No. 2 tight end.

Before anyone gets a little too excited note CRN from my understanding is within the rules about commenting on Evans since he had already gotten his transfer paper from Notre Dame. Per the article Evans had seven catches for 61 yards in 33 minutes of playing time last season.

As usual with this transfer stuff, nothing is final (especially when we are dealing with UCLA's admission folks, See Mobley) until the kid actually enrolls in Westwood. Plus, despite what the reports says above, he could end up somewhere else like Oregon. So we will see. If he transfers in he will have to sit out one season, redshirt and learn the UCLA playbook. It will work out really well for our WR crew because he will glide into the spot left open by Paul Richardson.

As mentioned while writing about Willis couple of weeks ago, if this works out, it will once again appear that karma is working out well for Coach Rick Neuheisel, who did the right thing following the allegations against Josh Shirley and the Richardson brothers. After all of those guys took the easy road out, it appears that UCLA might end up filling their spots with equally if not more talented athletes. If Willis transfer gets finalized and Evans comes to UCLA. If not, Bruins will use the limited scholies on other deserving recruits.

More importantly it looks like either way UCLA football roster will be ultimately made up of guys who love being Bruins and have bought all in to the vision laid out by Neuhiesel in Westwood. Win-win for Bruins.


UPDATE (N): Tracy now has a story up on Bruin Report Online that is not behind premium firewall:

Evans, a 6-1, 205-pound speedster originally from Inglewood (Calif.) High, received his release from Notre Dame last week.

We have heard that UCLA has contacted Evans, and that he has indicated to UCLA he wants to transfer to Westwood.

Evans was the #1-ranked wide receiver in the west for 2009. Out of high school he was thought to have a great combination of size and excellent speed.

Sounds good to us. GO BRUINS.