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Bruin Vibe In The Hall Of Fame

The NFL officially enshrined its 2010 Hall of Fame class today in Canton, Ohio. While none of the inductees went to UCLA, there was a Bruin vibe among the latest legends officially honored as the ultimate heroes of the game. First, there was this guy who was formally recognized as simply the best WR of all time:

Well, he also happens to be a Bruin DadJerry Rice, Jr., a member of the UCLA football team, is in Canton this weekend to take in the festivities around his father's induction into the HOF.

Second, another legendary Bruin prominently factors into the HOF festivities this weekend. We are sure Troy Aikman has been keeping an eye on Canton, to take in the induction of Emmitt Smith. It is impossible to share Emmitt Smith's highlights without factoring in Aikman and Michael Irvin as the legendary "Dallas triplets".

If you are wondering, the ceremony is scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN this evening at 7 pm EST. Might be worth watching given the Bruin vibes around it.