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2010 UCLA Football Media Day: Early Video Roundup

Well it looks like everyone is putting up videos on their YouTube channels these days. Works for us because we get to hear more of our boys who never get any coverage from tWWL or the local tradmed. Lots of videos have popped up this afternoon already from the Media Day UCLA held before starting their first practice of 2010 pre-season camp. We will get to the official videos and statements later but for now let's start with this video from David Vassegh of am570 interviewing Kevin Prince, Jeff Baca, and Kai Maiava:

Pretty funny to hear about Kai and Jeff talking about protecting Prince. More videos after the jump.

Vasseh also caught up with Coach Coach Chow, who sounded amused about all the bruhahaha over the revolver formation:

Wish the recording of that was a little better because couldn't really make out his comments on our RBs. Although you could hear him talking about Prince needing to take another step up this season.

Speaking of stepping up David Vassegh also chatted with Nelson Rosario:

Vasseh asked him a pretty good question about how Rosario might have drawn a little inspiration from JJ Stokes. Well to play like number 18, Rosario will have to stay focused and lock in every game. He did get in that grove against Oregon State which he stayed in for rest of the season. However, his focus was a little off against Southern Cal. Let's hope he is more consistent this season.

Elsewhere, Jon Gold caught up with David Carter. Gold asked him about having to fill Brian Price's big shoes and Carter came up with the right answers:

Speaking of replacing big shoes Aaron Hester talked about replacing ATV (to ESPN's Blair Angulo):

Gold also interviewed Taylor Embree (once again badgering him about "the pistol")

I kind of wish Gold asked the questions in a straight forward manner. Sometimes you get the sense by listening to Gold that he is trying a little to hard, trying to sound like Bill Plaschke (coming up with silly, sensational lines). It makes him sound silly. If he sticks to substance, he will have a chance to be a good reporter.

Anyway, I am sure there will be more of these videos. We can't get enough of them. As you find them please consider sharing them with us either through fanposts or fanshots.