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"Predictions 101": NBC Sports "Picks" Kansas State Over "Lowly" UCLA

NBC Sports provides a fun little "prediction" for this Saturday (emphasis added but no link for garbage):

Well known for their penchant for scheduling non-conference pushovers, the Wildcats host lowly UCLA.

All of this talk about the Bruins’ new "Revolver" offense (they apparently didn’t want to steal Nevada’s "Pistol" name) seems to indicate desperation on the part of head coach Rick Neuheisel and offensive coordinator Norm Chow, who both know that place-kicker Kai Forbath remains the team’s most proven weapon.

There’s no reason not to give the Kansas State defense, which has been bolstered by key JUCO additions, the nod over an injury-riddled Bruin offense

So who did NBC Sports recruit to write up to "predict" UCLA's season opener? This guy: John Tamanaha, a Trogan hack whose career highlights include:

  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California — where he teaches a sports public relations class within the Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism.
  • Associate Sports Information Director at the University of Southern California — where he worked primarily with the football and men’s basketball programs and also served as the Director of Athletic Publications.
  • Editor of USC Report — where he handled the day-to-day operation of a publication dedicated to full coverage of the USC Trojans athletic program.

Thanks NBC Sports. Not only they just served up red meat for our football team but they just exposed what kind of classless hacks work at Heritage Hall, always working to cover up the stain of the most corrupt athletic program in America. Fight on NBC Sports.