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[Update x2] UCLA-Kansas State (12:30 PM PST) On ABC/ESPN 2 ("Reverse Mirror")

Cheers everyone.

If you have a basic cable package it looks like you will not have to run to the bar or hunch over our laptop/desktops to watch this weekend's game. That is because UCLA-Kansas State is going to be broadcast on ABC and also through "reverse mirror" on ESPN2. (Michigan-UConn game is going to be the other "reverse mirror" game on ABC/ESPN networks).

So if you live in the region highlighted in blue in the graphic below (via you will be getting our game on ABC. For rest of the country (that would mean BNers on East Coast, South East) we will have to tune into ESPN2:


More details on FWIW lets give credit where credit is due here. In Tom Hansen's time we wouldn't able to get UCLA/Pac-10 games televised on ABC/ESPN networks through "reverse mirror." This was a much needed but no brainer tweak that got done after Scott came aboard.

We have looooong 48 hours ahead of us as we all hold our breath in anticipation. Wish we didn't have to wait till Saturday for kickoff. Meanwhile, if you are looking to pass the time talking more football, don't forget to dial into our podcast tonight starting at 6 pm PST. TB from Bring On The Cats will be here. That should be a great discussion going over all the strategies  and angles heading into this game. Open thread will start up at 6 pm PST. Meanwhile, this would be another great thread to discuss your game watching plans for this weekend.


UPDATE (N): Here is the full detail from ESPN's website. If you are in the SEC region that will get Kentucky/Lousiville game, looks like you have to buy ESPN Gameplan or go with ESPN3. Not ideal but still the current situation is lot better than what we have been used to before. HT Gen2Bruin1987. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): The official site also has a post on this. GO BRUINS.