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Chow/Neuheisel Stick With Prince For At Least One More Game

<em>He is starting at least one more game.</em>
He is starting at least one more game.

Guess this is the first ever BN blogpost from well over 35,000 feet. Unfortunately it's not exactly about a fun topic (at least night right now). The LA Times is reporting that Kevin Prince is going to start against Houston this Saturday. The development is more than interesting as just about 24 hours ago Coach Rick Neuheisel made the following comments on QB situation this week:

"We haven't made that determination yet. We'll see. We'll watch practice. The effectiveness of the quarterback position is critical, so we want to make sure we have someone out there who knows what he's doing and does it well. At the end of the day, as long as (Prince's) health is good, it comes down to performance. To date, the performance hasn't been what it needs to be."

Neuheisel also said the following (emphasis ours):

"I think we made it clear to the quarterbacks, Norm and I, that we have to play the position better," Neuheisel said. "Obviously, there will be competition."

Guess they made that determination just watching few hours of practice from one day? Making a reasonable guess here, I think it's Norm Chow who probably made the strong recommendation of starting Prince because he wasn't exactly impressed with Brehaut's performance from Saturday.

Right now I am not sure what to feel or how to feel about all this. I just want UCLA to have a competent QB for once and it doesn't matter who gets in. I do think at this point Saturday should be the last chance for Kevin Prince. If he doesn't get it done this Saturday, in terms of putting points on the board and have an efficient game managing performance, Bruins will have at least 3 games of datapoints to make a determination. 

Moreover, it is a must that Prince practice every day this season (if he is "healthy.") If Prince doesn't practice this week in full speed, the coaches shouldn't be playing him on Saturday. Otherwise, the responsibility will be on Chow and ultimately on Neuheisel.