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BN Gameday: Houston Pre-game Thread

Our kickoff is around 7:30 PST and broadcast on FSN (Barry Tompkins and Petros Papadakis are going to be calling the game as part of FSN's national broadcast). Our game thread is going to go up around 7:00 pm PST. So we have another Saturday when we have an entire day of college football to lead into our game.

Today might not be a "monster Saturday" like last weekend but there are lot of interesting games kicking off around 12:30 pm PST. Nebraska is visiting Washington. It is going to be interesting to see how Jake Locker performs at home against the Black Shirts.  Other games that are worth taking note of include Iowa's visit to Arizona, Florida's visit to Tennessee (the Gators have not looked impressive to date even though they are 2-0) and Texas (gulp) visiting Texas Tech.  SBN's Sean Keeley has the full weekend rundown here and the TV schedule  is available here. You can keep track of the full scoreboard here.

So if you are watching other games this am, share your quick takes, observations or pre game nervous musings, here is our open thread. Have fun.