Texas Roadtrip Open Thread: Leaving Wed ... Who Else Will Be There!

Hey there BN, I will be heading out on Wednesday to Austin for the showdown in Central Texas. I am looking forward to this trip and I cannot wait to experience all things Texas before during and after the game. Road trips are always great and I have got quite a few things planned.

So I came onto the Nation to post this and see how many other Bruins are heading to Austin by plane train automobile. Let me know what day you will be getting in. I am trying to put together a nice little Bruins Rally the night before the game for all the real fans making it out to Austin!

I'll be organizing this with Burnt Orange Nation fans for a sweet get together at a BBQ watering hole in Austin.

Let me know asap by email or in this thread and we can keep in contact for all the details!


UPDATE (N): If you are looking to for places to get grub and cold beverages while in Austin you should check out the fantastic thread Tundra started over at Burnt Orange Nation back in July. Consider looking through that thread as you consider getting together in Austin this weekend. GO BRUINS.

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