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BN Gameday: Texas Open Thread

Well here we go. As we always do we have talked/blabbed all game week about another Saturday's match-up to death. We know all the story lines around this game, the key stats and the general vibe around this game. Now it's a matter of finding out how all this drama is going to play out on the field.

Bruins and Longhorns will get started at 12:30 pm Pacific/3:30 pm. Sean McDonough and Matt Millen are calling the action on ABC/ESPN. If you still need to get caught up on all of our notes concerning this game from this past week, you can do so by checking out our full coverage here. If you are looking to track the game online you can also keep your tabs open to the official site and WWL.

So ready or not, here come the Bruins. Let's get this game thread started. Fire away.