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History Repeats In Austin: UCLA Destroys Texas Again

<em>I like this version of the road uniforms much better. Thank you very much.</em>
I like this version of the road uniforms much better. Thank you very much.

Well ladies and gents. Rick Neuheisel's UCLA Bruins just made some sweet history demolishing a Longhorns team on their home turf by a score of 34-12. Bruins performance made the Longhorns fan ... well if video moments could tell the story this is probably it:

To be fair to than young lady, no one - including yours truly - didn't think the Bruins had a shot against a top-5 team in the country, especially against one which was looking for a program wide revenge for the most humiliating loss in their illustrious history. Yet Neuehisel's Bruins just pulled off perhaps one of the biggest wins in the history of UCLA program, setting the stage for one of the most joyous moments in our Bruins history.

Please serve me up some crow, especially after what we did in that "cleansing" thread (oh we are going to be doing those every week from here on out ... if I can't one of you will have to step up). Bruins beat Texas Longhorns by a final score of 34-12. Here is the box score. The eye popping stat that belongs to the UCLA rushing attack, which just put up around 265 yards against the number 1 rushing defense in the country (after they had a total of something like -12 yards as an offense in the first half).

In essence history just repeated itself in Austin where an underdog, which was essentially being laughed off by number of so called experts and some clueless fans just recreated their version of 66-3. My head is foggy and right now I am over-wrought with emotion. So I am going to try my best to get out some thoughts while floating in a world with surreal joy. Come with me after the jump.

Player of the game? Well if it were up to me I'd give the game ball to the entire team. It was Chuck Bullough's defense, that came out and set the tone early by putting on some crushing hits on the Long Horns (thanks to Dalton Hilliard and Sheldon Prince (yes, Sheldon)). Then it became essentially a show led by Akeem Ayers and the Bruin front-7 who just dominated the Texas OL. Cassiush Marsh (I will call him CASH) picked up an Ayers fumble to get the first turnover. It's too bad the offense didn't take advantage of the opportunity, but the tone was set for rest of the day.

Then it was the special teams thanks to Jeff Lock and Sean Westgate that made the biggest play of first half by recovering the ball inside Texas 5. A TD pass to Ricky Marvray and the Bruins were up all on a sudden waking up the ghosts of 66-3.

From there on it was the Bruin defense taking over, smacking the Longhorns all over the field. But the Bruin offense took the matters on their own hands when they came out of the locker room in second half and just started pistol whipping the Longhorns defense. Thanks to a "Savage" of an OL, the thunder and lightning combination of the Jet Ski and Derrick Coleman started to roll all over the Longhorns pushing the lead up to 21-6. Then it was Kevin Prince making all his early season critics look like ignorant fools by sprinting for a TD run putting the Bruins up 27-6 (I was literally LOL at all the people who have been saying he is not "mobile" enough to be a QB in Bruin's "revolver" offense).

JetSki tore apart the vaunted Longhorns defense by going 100 yards for the second straight week. Derrick Coleman silenced all his critics by going over 100 yard himself. This is exactly how we all pictured thunder and lightning CRANKING in Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow's revolver offense. Even Morrell Presley caught his passes while Nelson Rosario caught two third-down passes to keep a drive going and chew up the clock late in the fourth quarter.

So yeah, everyone contributed today to one of the sweetest Saturdays I have ever experienced as a Bruin alum. However, I do want to give a little perspective to what is going to be a wild party. During recent years we never took advantage of moments like this. We followed up Tennessee win last year by losing 5 of our next 6 games. The year before we lost 0-59 after CRN's first victory as a Bruin head coach. There was of course the let down against Florida State following 13-9.

So it is time for our team, our program and all of us - Bruin Nation - to make sure we maintain perspective while what is going to be one of the wildest celebration as UCLA fans. What is scary (for other teams) despite the history making win this afternoon, the Bruins have a lot to improve on. They still have yet to play a clean game despite posting dominating wins over two ranked teams (including a top-5 team which was coming off a BCS championship appearance).  Our best yet is yet to come. Hopefully the Bruins can put together a cleaner performance and improve some more against Washington State.

That said, it's time to party. Time to celebrate.  Enjoy our post game victory thread.