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Revisiting Rick Neuheisel's Words Following The Stanford Debacle

Let's get something out of the way first. We have all the comments archived from everyone who came on here after Kansas State and Stanford game and fired up the panic alarm. We are not going to pull them up to embarrass those Bruins. After all when it is all said and done we are part of the same Bruin family, no matter how how vehement our disagreements are during tough times.

That said, right now is a pretty good time to check out posts like this one clowning UCLA head coach Rick Neuehisel for having the guts to take the podium at the Rose Bowl and address the remaining alums and students at the Rose Bowl. There was an incredibly snarky video up of that moment comparing Neuheisel to Richard Nixon that made its way around the internets (the video is no longer available as the owner has made it "private"). There was the outright lie about us booing CRN. There was also the classless shot from T. J. Simers who wrote the following in the LA Times the very next day (no link for the toolbag):

So how do you think Rick Neuheisel is doing?

Better at blowing smoke, maybe, but what about solid evidence to suggest he's any better as UCLA's coach?

Simers of course is nothing more than a professional asshole (yes, we normally redact that word on the home page but in case of Simers, we'd be glad to convey that message in person on behalf of entire Bruin Nation). So he was trying to rack up some hits on his pathetic newspapers following an early season football game.

Anyway putting a hack like Simers in his place is not the reason for this post. The reason is to revisit what CRN said specifically after that Stanford game. Let's go over them after the jump.

Unfortunately I can't quote Neuheisel word for word because the video is no longer available (as the guy who originally posted it has now made it "private"). However, the important point is this. I was there along with my friends interested in hearing what Neuehisel had to say. He "promised" us - the remaining couple of hundred left around sections 3-7 - the Bruins were going to make a better effort. He "promised" us that he was going to make us "proud."

I think it's safe to say he kept his word at least in these past two weeks. It's pretty clear by now how much our guys respond to their head coach. The question now remains how Rick Neuheisel and his staff are going to build on this afternoon's magical moments. If you are a Bruin, our suggestion while soaking in all the good times, let's maintain perspective even through the good times.

I really hope we have a Rose Bowl next Saturday that is even more emotional and fired up than the amazing effort we got from the alums last weekend. Let's hope the Bruins themselves have been inspired in last two weeks and work harder to give a better effort.

Going back to main point folks should think twice again - especially Bruins - if they want to attack our head coach for being less than genuine. We still have couple of more years to go till we get the full picture on CRN but I think last two weeks give us enough datapoints that CRN as some professional asshole claimed is not "blowing smoke."

Back to enjoying OUR victory.