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A Toast To All Our Bruins In The Heart Of Texas

<em>A slice of blue and gold heaven inside DKR.</em>
A slice of blue and gold heaven inside DKR.

Before I get to all the Bruins who are partying it up deep in the heart of Texas wanted to make a note of something we already discussed in the comment threads. Let's make something very clear. Even though we are enjoying this afternoon's momentous win, we have nothing but admiration and respect for the University of Texas and the Longhorn community devoted to their football team.

All week the interaction we had with Texas fans online (especially with the good folks at both Barking Carnival and Burnt Orange Nation) has been nothing short of fun. They are a classy bunch. I am sure their program is going to be more than all right as they work through their issues rest of this season setting up an epic rematch next year at the Rose Bowl. So if you are interacting with Texas fans on or offline, thank them for being gracious hosts and wish them luck.

Now back to the Bruins who are fortunate to be in Texas today. Here is a quote from Sean Sheller in the AP wire story (emphasis added):

"I can't grasp it," UCLA offensive tackle Sean Sheller said. "It's like a little kid at Disneyland. We heard our fans all game, and sometimes even louder than Texas fans."

Uh yes. More on those Bruins after the jump.

We have two frontpagers - Ajax and Bellerophon - who are probably downing some cold shiners somewhere around 6th street. Ajax emailed:

Made the trip to Austin and the game at the last minute. The game was fucking incredible, but miserably hot. Bruin fans made a very good showing.

Then B texted:

F**king awesome win man. Texas fans are real classy too. Great experience on and off the field. Will fill you all in when I get back to Cali.

From muircoach

1) The UT fans are awesome. I can’t tell you how many came up to me and just thanked me for coming out for the game. I had more than one person tell me how impressed they were with how many Bruins made the trip, and how respectful we were.

2) This is my first trip to Austin, and it is incredible. I am even more pissed now that UT isn’t going to be in the Pac-10, because it would be incredible to come to Austin every few years. I am telling you………I am now a big fan of the short skirt with cowboy boots look. Not used to it living in So. Cal, but it is incredible.

3) The UCLA fans were awesome. We took over 6th street last night and Bruins were out in force. 6th Street rivals Bourbon Street………maybe not the same vibe, but close.

4) Thanks to all of those who put on great places to eat and drink. Personal favs…….Shady Grove and Moonshine for food, Stubbs for BBQ (plus the Black Crows were there tonight), and Bikini’s for drinks.

5) The pride that CRN brings to our program is incredible. After the game all the players came to greet us fans. I am telling you, we were as loud as can be. It may not of been apparent on TV, but were loud.

And tundrabruin's post in the road-trip organizing thread:

Absolutely unbelievable time here in Austin. about to hit 6th street with our jerseys and REPRESENT the BRUINS! meetin alot of people who are like ohh hey your tundra bruin! feels great and im so glad to have been a part of this....ill have videos and pictures all up by next weekend....for now its off to carlsbad caverns and VEGAS! MUCH LOVE BRUINS NATION!!

Back at you guys.

From rest of us, thanks for firing up our team. Thank you for representing those four letters with class. We can't wait to read all the stories next few days.

Update: Speaking of a fired up team . . . (-Tele)