So About Hello Kiffin’s "10 Minute Rule"

So there has been some commotion about UCLA OL recruit commit - Torian White - getting a scholarship offer from Hello Kiffin. Non premium portion of tWWL's Insider post (by recruiting gury Greg Biggins) says:

UCLA raised some eyebrows when they offered a scholarship to Lakewood (Calif.) offensive lineman Torian White back in the summer, despite the fact that White didn't play a varsity snap his junior season.

White ended up jumping on the offer from the Bruins after an impressive showing at their summer camp. At 6-foot-6, 270 pounds, White is a very good athlete and has a nice upside to him. He has looked very good early in the year for the Lancers and other schools are starting to notice as well.

"USC offered me Friday night," White said. "After my game, my coach, Thadd MacNeal, said he got three text messages from Lane Kiffin. He called him and Coach Kiffin said he wanted to offer me and said they watched my film and felt I was the top offensive lineman in the state this year.

We understand some of you guys are a little annoyed about it but we don't really see this being all that big of a deal. It happens on recruiting trail all the time and in our case Coach Rick Neuheisel has already pulled off stunners like turning Morrell Presley from a Trojan to a Bruin. If anything, it just shows how UCLA's staff was ahead of the curve in terms of scouting OL talent. So that's good news for us and there is a good chance that now given how UCLA's hodge podge OL has looked in first four games, now more than even OL recruits will be flocking to Westwood.

However, here is the most hilarious ironic angle to all of this. Do people remember Hello Kiffin's "10 minute rule" (emphasis added)?

Trojans Coach Lane Kiffin said that in the three years since he last recruited for USC, not much had changed in the players that choose the Bruins over the Trojans.

"I watched it over the weekend, just to see if it's the same, and it's really still the same," he said. "I guess we waste time continuing to recruit them. We know within the first 10 minutes whether they're the type of guys that want to play here or there."

So what happened to all that? Anyone have ideas?

Can't wait to see Torian in Bruin blue.


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