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Hello Kiffin Tries To Put A Curse On UCLA

<em>Hello Kiffin talks out of both sides of his mouth re. UCLA football.</em>
Hello Kiffin talks out of both sides of his mouth re. UCLA football.

Apparently Hello Kiffin is trying to show some "class":

"What a great performance. It speaks volumes for their players and coach [Rick] Neuheisel. It's one thing to win by getting the ball to bounce your way a couple times -- a field goal at the end or they miss a field goal -- but statistically it looks like they really physically dominated them. I think that's got to be one of the best performances of the year so far. By anyone."

Guys like Ted Miller, who are in the business of SChilling for the Pac-10 over at tWWL are immediately jumping on this as some kind of new version of Hello Kiffin, over looking ... well ... his body of work.

Of course all of this is just bunk and PR posturing probably mandated under "Ethical Pat." As Kitten blows out sweet nothing from his mouth on one end, he is busy being a total hypocrite trying to poach Bruin recruits on another.

If anything BS like this should emphasize to our football program how they need to forget about all this meaningless hype and focus on their next opponent. They along with rest of us cannot get worried about where we go bowling or how many W-Ls we will end up with in this season, we just have to hope our guys come with the same intensity they showed in last two games. Because if the Bruins falter in the next game against Washington State, all of this will not mean much.

The minute our players get a little too pleased with results of last two weeks, they will be back at the same spot other previous UCLA teams found themselves in following brief flirtation with sweet success. Sure hope our guys are not paying attention to any of this stuff because last thing they will need is to get jinxed by the curse of Hello Kiffin.

Oh here is another reminder in case any one wanted to get all warm and fuzzy about the Trogans:

Sleazebags with same "mindset" are still in charge at the "school" over there.