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BN Gameday: Kansas State Second Half Thread

<em>Here is to Bruins finishing strong. Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images.</em>
Here is to Bruins finishing strong. Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images.

Well we are hanging in there at one of the tougher venues in college football. Our Bruins are by a score of 10-7. Kansas State got going early with a TD but then our defense took charge and our offense got into somewhat of rhythm. Our patched up OL is hanging in there while our DL is being sturdy enough. The offense actually came out in proset and then switched over to revolver in second series. While we were handcuffed by some dropped passes and penalties, it has shown promise.

Meanwhile, it was refreshing to see Chuck Bullough making his adjustments in second quarter resulting in an ultra aggressive defense causing turnover and wreaking havoc in Kansas State backfield. We really need to cut down our mental mistakes. Understandable that they are happening with a QB with just one week of practice but we have to focus. Let's hope the Bruins dig deep, get locked in and finish strong down the stretch.

Fire away in our second half open thread.