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[Update x2] Neuheisel's Recruiting Magic: Brett Hundley - West Coast’s No. 1 QB - Commits To UCLA

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Yeah we noticed the fanshots and fanposts that has been popping up in recent weeks about some hot shot QB from Arizona. We intentionally stayed away from touching them and discussing them on the home page because ... well we had no desire to jinx anything.

Well we can certainly take note now as Brett Hundley - the 4 star QB from Chandler HS, Arizona - has just picked Rick Neuheisel's UCLA over Washington Huskies. Here is a little taste of what Brett can do with some highlights of his junior year.

Brett Hundley becomes commitment number 8 for UCLA. That commitment list hasn't been updated yet. It will be soon. He is the number 6 QB prospect in the country per, ranked higher than any other QBs in the entire West region. Uh I don't think we have time to list all of his offers. You can take a look here.

Hundley's commitment to UCLA is nothing short of magic on the part of CRN. Up until 3 weeks ago from everything we heard he was leaning towards Washington. Then he took one more official trip to Westwood on a perfect day and everything changed.

Guess Hundley didn't buy all the hype around Sarkasian. Although his mind was made up two weeks ago I am guessing he wasn't all that impressed with Jake Locker making same old mistakes as an All World (in terms of tWWL hype) QB in his senior year in Seattle. Anyway, if you want to see more of Hundley take a look here:

This is going to be fun. Thank God kids like him don't pay a lot of attention to the hysteric morons who lose perspective after tough losses.

Welcome to Westwood Brett.


UPDATE (N): Story is up on (and not behind paid firewall):

"It is UCLA," Hundley said,

The 6-4, 215-pound Hundley had a superb junior year as he was named 1st team All-Arizona, the Fiesta Region Offensive Player of the Year as well as the Arizona's Gatorade Player of the Year. He threw for 1,517 yards and 16 TDs while throwing just 2 INTs. Hundley was also a threat on the ground, rushing for 1,208 yards and 12 more scores.

His performance has continued in 2010. Brett has passed for 578 yards and 6 TDs, helping his team to a 1-1 start.

Read rest of it here. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): First, some fantastic news out of Arizona. Hundley is graduating early and enrolling in Westwood in January per an online chat he held with the local paper. So I guess we won't have to worry too much about the other Brett (Nottingham) debacle. Second, the LAT has reacted to this news with its "UCLA beat reporter" tweeting out of his Trogan closet. GO BRUINS.