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UPDATE: Brandon Huffman On BN Football Podcast

Today is a treat on the BruinsNation football podcast because we welcome's (as well as Brandon Huffman onto the show as our guest to give us the lowdown on the Bruins, the Pac-10 and especially, recruiting. If you don't know of Brandon, he's the foremost recruiting expert on the West Coast and I don't think there are many people out there who knows UCLA football as well as Brandon. He is kind enough to join us and give us all the key information heading into UCLA's Pac-10 opener this weekend.

As is always the case, you can listen live by clicking play above or you can listen afterward by clicking play or by checking out iTunes. If you can't listen live, give it a listen at any time after right above or a few hours after it's over, you can grab it from the iTunes store and add it to your iPhone or iPod.

UPDATE: Just wrapped up the podcast. This was a long one, but Brandon was awesome and really packed the show with a lot of information. Among the things we discussed were:

  • CRN and CNC's aggressiveness, or lack thereof, in playcalling
  • Can anyone make sense of the receiver's horrific outing in Kansas
  • How good is Brett Hundley and how big of a get he was for UCLA
  • Where are the Bruins focusing on now in recruiting and a couple of Brandon's favorite under the radar guys the Bruins could snap up
  • Some great talk about comparing how Harbaugh has built the Stanford program

We got to all of that with Brandon and more, plus Josh and I had our regular talk about last week's K-State game and looked forward to this weekend' huge Stanford game. It was a ton of fun and a huge thanks to Brandon for joining us. Make sure to read his stuff at and also follow him on Twitter.

Remember, you can listen to the whole thing by clicking play above or take the podcast on the road with you by heading over to iTunes and downloading it to your iPhone or iPod.