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"Effort" From Howland’s UCLA Bruins: Call It A Lip Service

Few days ago DCBruins poignantly lamented about "effort" here on BN. With that in mind, we read in the Daily Bruin today (with emphasis):

Smith was tactful at first when asked if the Trojans (10-6, 2-1) out-hustled his team.

"At times they did," he said.

Then he let his frustration surface.

"Actually, I take that back," he continued. "They out-hustled us on the boards in the second half, they out-hustled us in transition, they were getting wide-open layups, wide-open dunks, wide-open threes. You could kind of tell that (USC) played with a sense of urgency."

Compare this to the quotes DCBruins featured on Saturday before the game (emphasis his):

"Your crosstown rival's a big deal," Howland said. "Our guys will be ready to play, they'll be ready to play, there'll be a great crowd. Is there added importance because it's crosstown? Always."

There was also this:

"Last year, losing to them twice, it really sucks," sophomore forward Tyler Honeycutt said. "We'll be fired up."  . . .

Lane said. "They killed us last year, so we really want to come out here and make a statement."

They sure made a telling "statement" last night.