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BCS Championship Open Thread

One final bowl.  Number One versus Number Two.  SEC versus Pac 10.  The Heisman winner versus the nation's highest leading rusher.  The nation's 4th highest scoring offense against the nation's first.  Cecil Newton vs Phil Knight.  The Tigers and The Ducks, for the BCS Championship

The BCS is a fraudulent crock and must be destroyed, but this year we at least seem to have the two top teams in the country playing in the final game, and the winner can be fairly considered to be the best team in the country.  And for a couple hours, we can take our minds off our own football and basketball programs.

The BCS Championship Game is at 8:30 pm EST on ESPN.  The Auburn Tigers (13-0) meet the Oregon Ducks (12-0).   Auburn is led by one of the most prolific offensive players in NCAA history with dual threat QB Cam Newton.  Newton passed for over 2,500 yds and rushed for over 1,400 this season.  At 6'6" and 250 lbs, he is bigger than all but 3 of the Ducks starting D.  The Tigers averaged 43 pts/game playing in God's greatest football conference.  If Oregon has any hope tonight, it will begin with containing Newton.

The Ducks aren't so bad themselves.  Their lightning tempo offense snaps the ball about every 13 seconds, which limits the defense's opportunity to make reads, substitute, and rest.  Throw in the best O Line in the country, an explosive QB in Darron Thomas (2,518 yds, 28 TD's), and a certain LaMichael James (1,682 yds and 21 TD's), and you get a team that averages over 49 pts/game.  For an excellent analysis on these two offenses, see 03rdn9's oustanding breakdown with video.

With 2 high powered offenses, this game will come down to which defense can slow the opponent more effectively.  Auburn features the nation's Lombardi Trophy winner DT Nick Fairley, but their D was in the bottom half of the SEC in points allowed.  Oregon's D, led by Nick Allow-alotti gave up a lot of yards, but was an impressive 12th in the country in points allowed.  Whichever defense wins tonight will win the game, and will take home the BCS trophy, claim a national championship, and provide its fans with a lifetime of pride.  All priceless rewards.  And easily worth a measly $180K, don't you think?

Here is your open thread.  Have at it.