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[Update x 2] Mike Johnson Is UCLA's New Offensive Coordinator

Tracy Pierson from

Mike Johnson, the former offensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers, has agreed to be UCLA's new offensive coordinator, with an announcement planned, which presents an interesting situation with current Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow...

Tracy is perhaps the best reporter covering UCLA athletics and his website has more credibility than any of the traditional media outlets in Los Angeles. We think he is someone who will not come out with a report unless he is certain. So this is certainly a major development.

We will have to see how the Norm Chow equation is resolved and whether he remains at UCLA. Speculation is still out there that he might end up as the new OC for San Diego State. As for Johnson, Patroclus gave us a good primer on him. You all should read it again here. We will not draw any conclusions yet as to what this means for UCLA's offensive schemes and whether we will exclusive rely on pistol as our base offense, whether we will just return to pro-set or whether we will use a hybrid approach used effectively by teams such as TCU and Alabama.

We will let this story play out for now for few more days until we get official information. You guys can meanwhile keeping discussing on what you think this means for Rick Neuehisel's program at UCLA.

UPDATE (A): Interesting info via "49ers Reddit":

1.Mike Johnson's offensive philosophy is enamored with the "Spread Option". (Which is an aggressive offensive philosophy built around running up the scoreboard; it's the exact/identical offense Josh McDaniels adopted to the 2007 New England Patriots, and composite to what Todd Haley applied to the 2008 Arizona Cardinals.)
2.Mike Johnson has extensively studied/was groomed under numerous offensive philosophies including: West Coast Offense, Pistol Offense, Air-Coryell, Spread Offense, and The Spread Option (Which again, Mike Johnson heavily endorses from the Illinois college football program).
3.Mike Johnson was inevitably groomed from the start to take the 49ers OC job.
4.Is very good at polishing passing mechanics in QBs with average passing talent (Doug Flutie, Michael Vick).
5.Was productive at polishing average WRs he coached in the NFL (Brian Finneran, Derrick Mason). Mike also groomed TE Alge Crumpler's receiving mechanics in Altanta during 2003 (which bloomed into Crumpler's first Pro Bowl year).
6.Loves to run the scoreboard up. Under 2 OC-play-calling stints in Atlanta back in 2003 -within the final 2 games of the season- Johnson's offenses scored a combined average of 51 points offensively. (Also, within those two games, then (2003 Falcons Pro Bowl) TE Alge Crumpler put up a combined 4 receptions, 33 yds, 1 TD, and 16 YAC.)

The link includes citations to other pieces purportedly backing up those assertions. Point number 2 could be telling.

UPDATE II (A): Dienhart:

I have learned Utah is expected to hire Norm Chow as OC and Tim Davis as offensive line coach. Hires could happen soon.

Just when you think it couldn't get more interesting. If this happens will it impact the return of XSF to UCLA?