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UCLA Beats Oregon State in Lackluster Fashion, 62-57.

UCLA beat OSU 62-57 in a game that played true to the UCLA season so far.  20 minutes this team looks great.  In the first half UCLA shoots 65%, holds OSU to 23.3% and out rebounds a small OSU team 23-11.  Zeke leads us with 9 points and sure there are too many TOs but not a bad half. 

Second half OSU outscores us by 10 overcomes a 17 point deficit to take the lead and out rebounds us!  But really, there is no surprise this is the Bruins of 2010-11.  Final score, UCLA won and did what they were suppose to do.  But this is so ugly it is like a moral defeat. 

The only good news was we found a leader.  Zeke Jones.  Zeke stepped up.  He made the big shot that broke the tie and won the game.  Toward the end, TH made some terrible TOs and looked like he did not want to shoot.  He and Malcolm Lee missed FTs.  To his credit Josh Smith also calmly sank the key FTs to ice the game.

But it was Zeke who started great and give UCLA its lead and it was Zeke who under pressure hit the game winner just inside the 3 point line. 

Everyone else played to form.

Malcolm Lee was again awesome on defense.  He completely shut down Jared Cunningham, one of the conference's hottest players, to 2 FTs and one 3 point prayer.  But ML shot at least 3 air balls and bricked a key one and one on offense.  Malcolm is becoming a great defender, which is good because he is becoming terrible on offense.

Anderson led UCLA in Assists and turnovers.  Anderson is a good symbol for this team.  He at times makes you think he is getting better but then he runs a 2-1 break into a TO and you are reminded why this team is so frustrating to watch. 

Lane started but was beaten badly on D.  He had as many TOs as rebounds.

Honeycutt is the most frustrating player.  He is the key to our rebounding.  First half he had five and we dominate the boards, second half two.   He is just  not a leader.  He passed up shots, zoned out on D and in the symbol of the game missed a dunk at a key moment. 

Tyler Lamb looked good in the first half but hardly played in the second. 

I guess if I want to be nice (which most people won't want to be) to CBH he managed Smith and Nelson well.  Nelson played good in the second half and was the only player who could score for a long stretch.  He also grabbed a few big rebounds.  Nelson did not look tired at the end of the game as he has recently.  Still wish he hit his FTs.  Smith looked bad on D, got four fouls again, missed an easy layup BUT he was on the floor at the end and did calmly sink the big FTs for the game. 

Last, if I want to end on a positive note.  Zeke was the player of the UCI and WSU games and looks to be good now that he has his finger taped right.  He hit the big shots and was the calm leader.  I guess it is sad on a team with so many higher regarded recruits that a natural bit slow 2 guard playing PG is the key player but it showed tonight.  Zeke was awesome early and we had a big lead.  He finished with the big shot. 

Go Bruins.