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And The Winner Is... The Bruins Nation Awards

<em>Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">UCLA's Official Site</a></em>
Photo Credit: UCLA's Official Site

Thanks to everyone for voting in our two recent end-of-the-year polls to select the Best Comedy post/thread from 2010, and the Best Original post/thread from 2010.

I hope everyone had some fun reliving some of the funniest moments from last year.  And I'm sure everyone was as touched by the powerful works that were nominated for best original post.  The quantity of quality writing here on BN on an everyday basis is really something we should all be very proud of  - yet another example of the incredible people who are associated with our great University.

The votes of the Bruins Nation community picked our winners.  Now, the time has come.  The envelopes please...

The winner for Best Comedy post/thread is: The Original Trogan, by truebluebruin.


The winner for Best Original post/thread is An Update On Tyler, Our Gutty Little Bruin: A Story of Strength and Perseverance, by insomniacslounge.

(Wow, Markeith and Tyler in the same post.  Talk about opposite ends of the human spectrum.  That won't likely happen again any time soon.)

I invite both truebluebruin and insomniacslounge to present their acceptance speeches below.  Their names and works will be memorialized in the Bruins Nation Hall Of Fame, as soon as we get around to building one.  I guess we need to create a trophy, too - maybe a statuette of a gold Bruin with a trogan helmet under its paw.  Any BN'ers with artistic ability are welcome to jump in here.

Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences here.  We're keeping eyes out for for the 2011 Awards (mostly so I don't have to re-read a year's worth of BN in a week again), and the entire BN community is welcome to call out nominations along the way.  In honor of the old Pac-8 no repeat rule, I considered making Tyler's fundraiser this fall ineligible to win again this year.  Because when he does Dribble For The Cure this fall, and BN follows his lead in breaking the $10,000 barrier, there won't be any contest.  Again.  But if that's the way it is, so be it - although I doubt Markeith can out-tweet his own 2010 efforts.  Therefore, any post or thread is under consideration for 2011.

Thanks to the entire BN community for your passion and your contributions.  Keep the faith, Bruins, and keep coming here.   We're all in this together, and there is no other group I'd rather be a part of.  Go Bruins!!