Ben Howland Visits Fraternities to Drum Up Bruin Spirit

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I'm a student here at UCLA and after being an avid reader here for a while now.  This is my first time posting as last night I was able to meet Coach Ben Howland.  Ben came to three or so different fraternities along with Tyus Edney and another staff member and spoke to us about his love for UCLA and how much he appreciates our support:


He then opened up for questions and stayed for over 30 minutes answering every question we had.  We talked about everything from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love to his recruiting today and the difficulty with one and dones.  He even asked about our opinion on the layout of the student section in the new Pauley and told us to come into the office if we ever need anything.

Speaking for my house, we all gained an incredible amount of respect for Coach Ben Howland.  The fact that he took time out of his day to meet us and take questions showed how much he cares about this school and this basketball program.  Even more, he answered every question we threw at him fully and honestly (except when it came to Josh Smith's real weight).  He also told us he'll be providing free pizza to all students camping out for every home game the rest of the year.  Clearly, he's doing everything he can to rally students.

Feel free to ask any questions.  Here are some two more pictures I took at the event.

Go Bruins! 



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