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UCLA Cuts Donation Requirements For Season Seats Post-Renovation

Coach Howland at Pauley's Groundbreaking (Photo Credit: Official Site)
Coach Howland at Pauley's Groundbreaking (Photo Credit: Official Site)

As mentioned in an update to this post, I will be meeting with Mark Harlan, Senior Associate Athletic Director, tomorrow afternoon at the Morgan Center to try to clear up any questions and concerns about the Pauley renovation. I have listed my concerns a few times, but if you have any of your own related to the renovation, post them below and I'll do my best to ask them. This is a great opportunity to open up the lines of communication between the Morgan Center and entire Bruin community.

One of the chief concerns with the Pauley Pavilion renovation when it was announced was what some considered a steep increase in the amount a Bruin must donate to retain their season tickets to Bruin basketball games in the new Pauley Pavilion. It's been a while since the plans were first announced, but it looks like the Morgan Center has responded to some of that grumbling with this announcement (HT to KS)

Athletic Director Dan Guerrero announced today that UCLA will reduce the Wooden Athletic Fund donation levels required for priority seating at Men's Basketball games in the renovated Pauley Pavilion. Over 11,000 seats will be affected by this change while, as previously stated, 2,100 public seats will not require any donation.

"We are happy to announce that due to the enormous generosity of hundreds of donors during our Campaign of Champions, all per seat Wooden Athletic Fund donation requirements throughout renovated Pauley Pavilion will be reduced by 20 percent from the previously-announced levels," said Guerrero. "While this campaign is not yet completed, we currently have $65 million committed in cash and signed pledges plus $22 million in proposals under consideration as we drive towards our overall goal of $100 million. Based on feedback, we believe that this reduction will be welcome news to our fans and supporters.

The announcement went on to talk about potential naming rights and other sponsorship opportunities for the renovation, but I think on the whole, most will be happy that their ability to have season tickets is a little bit more attainable, at least financially. This is a positive step to hopefully keep the diehard Bruin fans (which describes most, if not all of us here) who were with the program in the ugly years at the beginning of the century, had a fun ride through the three consecutive Final Fours and are still sticking with the program now, in Pauley and enjoying Coach's program.