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Randy Shannon Preparing To "Relax" On ESPN [Updated]

AP reports:

The former Miami coach will be an analyst on ESPNU's 10 hours of signing day coverage Wednesday, doing so from Charlotte, N.C. Shannon does not expect to appear for the entirety of the broadcast, but said Monday in a telephone interview that his role will likely be extensive.

"It's going to be relaxing,'' Shannon said. "I'm still going to be involved with the signing day ritual, get to make some comments about what I see, players who you recruited, players who you watched on film. I really am looking forward to it, because it's still football and I get an opportunity to talk about players from different areas of the United States.''

Don't stress out Bruins.

UCLA "might" steal a "big commit" from Sacramento State.


Update (A): As many of you noted in the comment thread Will Oliver is officially a Bruin. While the recruiting in recent days have been head scratching, please keep in mind Oliver is now a part of our family. We hope he develops under Coach Palcic. Welcome to Westwood Mr. Oliver.