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[Update] Dominoes: Rodriguez Out, Harbaugh in Limbo, Hoke Watch, a Pirate in San Diego?

gbruin laid out the domino scenario for us yesterday. The first one just fell:

Michigan has fired head football coach Rich Rodriguez after three seasons, according to Fox 2 News in Detroit.

Rodriguez was 15-22 overall during his Michigan tenure and just 1-10 against ranked opponents. The Wolverines ended this season with a 52-14 loss to Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl, the worst bowl loss in school history.

Michigan fans have been checking the flight pattern for Jim Harbaugh but the latest gossip indicates that Harbaugh to Michigan might not happen. If that doesn't happen our friends at Maize n Brew gives us the alternate scenario:

If Harbaugh escapes from Michigan, then Michigan will move to plan-B.  There is a plan-B in place because people like Dave Brandon don't get to be CEO of a huge company for extended periods by putting all their eggs in one basket and not having a back up plan.  There is virtually no way that Brandon does not have another coach in place should Harbaugh decline and Rodriguez not be retained.  That name might be Brady Hoke - I'm not saying it's not - but Michigan has another guy in place should Harbaugh fall through.

If Harbaugh doesn't end up in Ann Arbor, speculation is going to hit a fever pitch in San Francisco and in Denver. We are guessing more than half of Bay Area football fans (especially Cal and UCLA alums, who are also 49er fans) are waiting on pins and needles for Harbaugh to get out of the farm. Can the Trees really match the enormous amount of NFL $ which apparently even a traditional powerhouse like Michigan might be having a hard time matching? Although, the burden on the Wolverines probably is heavier because they also have to buy out RRod's contract.

Back to UCLA. If Hoke emerges as the second choice in Ann Arbor, speculation is also going to heat up around the San Diego State head coaching position. We can guess that both Al Borges and Rocky Long will make a play for that position as well. So that will impact our ongoing "searches" for DC (and may be a new OC).

I will all throw out a wacky idea for all. Mike Leach so far have struck out for jobs at Washington and at Maryland because the administrators at those institutions got cold feet. What if San Diego State rolls the dice (in case Hoke ends up in Michigan) and take a chance on Leach? Heck, they can probably offer him a dock for his pirate ship. More importantly, Leach at San Diego State could impact the balance of power not just in MWC but on the entire landscape of West Coast football. Something to chew on.

All of this is going to unfolding while Vic Fangio (arguably the hottest commodity in the college coaching assistant market) and Randy Shannon plot their next steps. So stay tuned. You can also help us stay tuned by keeping us up to date via fanposts, fanshots as we let the coaching drama play out.

UPDATE (A): Guess it is not a done deal yet:

Well, this is getting interesting.

Despite media reports earlier Tuesday that Michigan fired Rich Rodriguez, athletic director Dave Brandon says no decision has been made regarding the coach. Rodriguez and Brandon met for four hours Tuesday and will meet again Wednesday to discuss the coach's future.

That's pretty unusual. Typically, if a coach is getting fired the meeting lasts about five minutes.

This is the Norm Chow drama on steroids for the Wolverines. Keep an eye on Maize n Brew for the latest.