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Open Thread: Harbaugh – 49ers Action Getting Hot, Texas Looking At Diaz & The Sugar Bowl

Let me tack on some more the crazy Rodriguez update (who is apparently still the head coach in Ann Arbor). Probably because Harbaugh to 49ers action is getting hot:

The source also emphasized that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh remains far and away the team's No. 1 target and has signed off on either Lombardi or Baalke as the GM.

York and Harbaugh have had talks throughout the last few days, the source said, and are believed to have had several more today.

Harbaugh is a long-time associate of Lombardi's. The source said that Harbaugh and Baalke have spent time together the last few weeks and that they share representation-power agent David Dunn has represented both at times.

The conclusion: Harbaugh is likely to be hired as the 49ers' head coach, possibly as soon as tomorrow night, the source said.

Money graf in bold. Can the Niners close the deal?

Meanwhile in Austin Texas Longhorns are doing their own DC search and are looking at Mississippi State DC Manny Diaz. Bruin fans should be rooting for Diaz/Texas deal getting done because that will give Rick Neuheisel a clear shot at Fangio.

What else are you guys hearing? Also, if anyone is watching Arkansas and Ohio State are playing in a pretty entertaining Sugar Bowl so far (with the Buckeyes up 14-7 as I hit publish). Consider this an open thread.