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Under Armour Game: Brett Hundley Playing, Devon Blackmon Announcing Open Thread

High School All-American games are usually a bore. No one wants to hit too hard and nobody is in much of a rhythm or has their timing down because the teams have only played together for a week, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything to watch for. For the Bruins, there are two things to keep an eye on in the Under Armour All-American game, airing on ESPN right now.

The first thing to watch is Brett Hundley, currently rated as the west coast's top QB prospect and a UCLA commit. The quarterback, who can run in addition to his ability to throw and who many have pegged as a great fit for the pistol offense (if UCLA decides to keep it and dependent on who the offensive coordinator is, among other things). Whatever the offense, Hundley figures to be a very good quarterback for the Bruins and has been having a great week of practice, highlighted by winning the Pass Attack competition, as bigu fanshotted earlier. Tonight's game won't be a fair way to evaluate Hundley because it is just an All-American game, but it will be a fun chance for us Bruins to get a look at the kid who will enroll in Westwood next week.

The other thing to keep an eye on is Devon Blackmon, an athlete recruit who is playing wide receiver this week for the Under Armour Game. The Fontana product has narrowed his choices down to UCLA, SC and Oregon with the Bruins and Ducks reported to be his two favorites. For the last few months it has looked like Oregon is the favorite so odds are that Blackmon will announce for the Ducks tonight, but the Bruins are in it and for all the criticisms of CRN right now, no one can question his ability to close on a recruit so it will be fun to watch. Bringing in an athlete the quality of Blackmon and continuing to recruit well out of the burgeoning hotbed of the Inland Empire cannot be underestimated.

So that's what we have on tap tonight at the UA game. For anyone watching, chime in with your thoughts here. It's a relatively mellow night so if your mind wanders and you catch yourself thinking about other things, go ahead and share those thoughts in here tonight. This is a community night so join in and have at it.