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Good Luck Rahim

Rahim Moore officially declared for the NFL draft today. UCLA athletics website posted a very unique press release on Rahim's decision. The release has the usual congratulations from Coach Rick Neuheisel:

"Rahim has been a starter since the day he arrived at UCLA," said head coach Rick Neuheisel. "He has been a key performer in our secondary throughout his career and he never missed a start. It was a thrill to watch him lead the nation with 10 interceptions in 2009. We certainly thank him for all of his contributions to the program and support his decision to take the next step in his career."

It also has Rahim pouring out his heart and soul thanking everyone associated with UCLA football program, which includes the following sentiments directed towards all of us:

So as I conclude this farewell, I want to say as I leave that I hope all the UCLA fans will remember me - not only as a player but as someone who truly cherished his time being a student-athlete, my work ethic and how I gave all my love and affection towards football. Each and every day, I touched the hands of Kenny Easley's picture frame in our facility to remind myself what I came here for, and to chase my dreams each and every day. Before every game I always told myself "Heemy, go out there and play your heart out so when it's all said and done, I will be mentioned as the best safety or one of the best to ever come out of UCLA."

As I wrote this whole release, I couldn't stop crying because UCLA and the players mean that much to me. If someone had told me before I came to UCLA that I would end up being a two-time All-American, I would probably have fallen over. So as I look back on those days when I was eight and nine years old, playing for the Baldwin Hills Bruins and playing in the halftime show at the Rose Bowl was truly a blessing from God, and to be able to be on the same field years later is amazing. One man came up to me after I played the halftime game and said I would be a Bruin one day, but at that time I was a big Miami Hurricanes and Michigan fan. So as years passed I ended up being a UCLA Bruin, wearing the exact number that I wore in that halftime game for the Baldwin Hills Bruins.

Good luck kid. We will miss you in Westwood.