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BN Gameday: Bye Week Open Thread

Well ladies and gentlemen we don't have any UCLA football games to stress over this Saturday. This means we don't have to dread over our defense on third downs. We don't have to lose sleep over 7-10 yard cushions. We don't have to dread over run, run and pass. You get the idea.

There are a lot of interesting games on tap this afternoon. AHMB offered some quick thoughts in our weekly BN pick'em thread here. Some of the games we are going to keep an eye on today include Michigan at Michigan State (9:00 am/ESPN) Utah's visit to Pitt (9:00 am/ESPNU),  Miami at UNC (9:30 am/ESPN3 or "GamePlan"), Oklahoma State at Texas (12:30 pm/ESPN or ESPN3), tOSU at Illinois (12:30 pm/ESPN or ESPN3), CU at UDub (12:30 pm), BYU at Oregon State, Stanford at Washington State (4:30 pm/Versus), and ASU at Oregon (7:15 pm, ESPN/ESPN3). You can checkout the full scoreboard here.

As always if you are watching other games today, share your quick takes, observations or pre-game nervous musings, here is our open thread. Have fun.