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Detroit Lions’ Coach Pete Carrolls Himself Against Jim Freaking Harbaugh!

Given the headline this post is on topic here on Bruins Nation. If you happen to have a general sports pulse and are aware of the general happenings in the NFL, you probably already know what happened in Detroit this afternoon. San Francisco 49ers (4-1) were taking on Detroit Lions (5-0) in one of the unlikeliest big matchup of this early NFL season.

49ers won a huge game on the road, coming from behind in fourth quarter relying on tough defense, fantastic running game, and efficient QBing from Alex Smith. Smith connect on what I think is his most clutch TD of his Niner career, which has been revived by Jim Harbaugh.

Anyway, for the game stuff you can check out NinersNation, but what really matters is what happened after the game was over. Take a look here:

Well you know what that brought out a huge smile on yours truly. It was pretty clear that all Schwartz was upset at was Harbaugh getting genuinely exuberant after a massive win and giving Scwartz a hard handshake. Schwartz in turn Pete Carrolled himself [VIDEO if you want to chuckle again].

I am not sure where the Niners will end up. Never in my wildest imagination I expected a 5-1 start (should have been 6-0). It's too early to coronate Harbaugh as some kind of coaching god. But something special is happening all over again up in San Francisco. It clearly has to do with ... coaching.

Sundays are fun again. Now I only wish Saturdays [or the days our Bruins are on TV] could be the same