When Is A "Blog", Not A "Blog"? When It's Emailed By Dan Guerrero

UCLA Athletic Director sent out another email to Bruin supporters. It's that email/blog thingy Ryan brought attention to last week.  It's not much of a "blog" but the first 4 paragraphs in this "product" were funny. It started out like this:

I had the pleasure of speaking on the air with the two top sports radio drive-time shows in Los Angeles last week. I always enjoy the opportunity to talk to the local radio hosts. They are sometimes brash, very often funny, but yet also extremely informative regarding the local sports scene. After one of those conversations, to my dismay, I became aware that a "sound byte" from my comments about our football program was taken out of context by a third party, unaffiliated with these radio shows. This, in turn, caused my message to be misinterpreted subsequently by other media outlets. I would like to take a moment to address this matter further.

So Dan is trying to respond the eye rolling his comments generated here and elsewhere, when he made an attempt to lower the expectations for UCLA football this season. Notice instead of directly addressing the Bruin communities who reacted to his comments, he is dismissing them as "third parties." Okay Dan. 

How did Dan address this matter?

He started out this way:

First and foremost, the primary goal we set for our football program has never changed from the outset - to be relevant on the national scene on a consistent basis, and to do it the right way. Any reports to the contrary are clearly mistaken. That said, in order to compete on the national stage, we must first achieve success in the Pac-12 Conference. Rick, his staff and players have worked hard to get us to the point where we are presently in position to vie for the championship in the South division. To that end, we recognize that our team needs to play consistently solid football.

Dan forgot to reference his previous comments about "raising the bar" for UCLA football, "winning Pac-10 championships," and finishing in "top 25 every year." That's not telling us the full story Dan.

Dan continues:

I certainly believe that, based on what I have seen in the first three conference games, the 2011 team has improved over last year, though we are still not where we ultimately want to be as a program. Nevertheless, our coaching staff and players are working hard to get better every week and to improve upon the previous week's performance. Among the expectations for this year is to get back into a bowl game; to not accomplish this goal for a second consecutive season would be a disappointment. But be assured that returning to a bowl is just one of several steps we need to take to get this program to the level we all desire.

Improvement? We wonder if Dan has been paying attention to our defense and special teams. Just this morning freesia brought attention to a piece written by Gold, which graded the football team at the half with a cum GPA of 1.89. Compared that to our ongoing GPA posts about the team which is at 1.50.  Peter Yoon has us at a 1.90.  But Dan thinks we are improving.

Dan ends with this:

Lastly, I will reiterate what I have said many times in my tenure as Athletic Director here: as is the case for every other coach in the athletic department, the football coaching staff will be evaluated at the conclusion of the season. In the meantime, my staff and I will work hard to support Rick and the team in every way possible as we proceed through the season. Rick and his staff have recruited terrific young men to be a part of our program, and they all deserve our full support. Our goal continues to be to return UCLA Football back to its days of national prominence. I promise to you, the Bruin faithful, that we are working day and night to make this a reality, and I am confident we will get there.

I hope by "national prominence" Dan doesn't mean getting consistently beat on national TV.

I want to be nice but I cannot figure out what Dan is? Uninformed, out of touch or just tragically naïve?

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