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BN Gameday: Arizona Beatdown Second Half Thread

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Well folks, this has been a laugher of a first half tonight. The defense allowed Arizona to score touchdowns on all 6 of their possessions in the first half, allowing 42 points, 416 yards and 26 first downs. In one half! To a team entering the game 1-5 and led by an interm coach!! Not much else I can say about that. This team really looks like it couldn't give two shits. Except at the end of the half when the teams actually started fighting - with Taylor Embree and the ultra-mature Shaq Richardson getting the boot. Then the team showed some fight...

While Rick Neuheisel is digging his own coaching grave tonight, Joe Tresey might as well get on the phone with Southwest Airlines and/or U-Haul during the halftime break, because he just needs to get away. The offensive play-calling has not been too bad, but a pair of turnovers has killed what little chance the offense had to stay in sight of the Wildcats.

This is your second half thread.

Go Bruins!