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UCLA Embarrassed on National TV by Arizona 48-12

Can Arizona be penalized for celebrating all their TDs?  I mean, scoring all those TDs and celebrating each one just had to be excessive, right?
Can Arizona be penalized for celebrating all their TDs? I mean, scoring all those TDs and celebrating each one just had to be excessive, right?

October 21, 2010:  UCLA goes to Eugene to face Oregon.  We lose, 13-60.
November 18, 2019 2010: UCLA goes to Washington, a bowl berth on the line.  We lose, 7-24.

October 20, 2011: UCLA heads into Arizona, looking to make statement about making a run in the Pac-12 South.  Instead, the defense allows Arizona, the SECOND WORST rushing team in the FBS, to run all over them in the first half, scoring on their first six possessions, and making Nick Foles look like a Heisman candidate.

UCLA and nationally televised ESPN Thursday night games do not mix. 

To call that game embarrassing is embarrassing to the word embarrassing.  It was sad.  It was pathetic.  It was difficult to watch. Let me remind you that the LAST TIME Arizona beat a FBS team, it was us.

I think that says everything you need to know about the state of our football program.

Arizona scored first, and for the first time in 312 minutes of football played, Arizona has the lead.  Sheldon Price slips, leading to the easy score.  Our big response is to go three and out.  The Arizona Running Show/Nick Foles Extravaganza continues, and they score again.  (This is repeated a few times tonight.)

Our second drive, we actually mount a nice drive, with a nice screen pass to Jonathan Franklin to begin, and ending on a fourth down conversion pass to Jonathan Franklin.  That is the ONLY nice part of tonight.  As on the next play, Arizona scores again as Juron Criner literally catches a ball OVER Aaron Hester, who didn't turn around to watch the ball.  I facepalmed.

Jonathan Franklin and Kevin Prince muff the handoff.  Double face palm.

Nelson Rosario gets pickpocketed.  BY SHAQ RICHARDSON of all people.  Triple Face palm.

Then a streaker runs onto the field, Taylor Embree and Shaq Richardson have a disagreement on the field over their dinner plans that evening, punches are thrown, bodies fly, benches empty, and the UCLA fanbase slides a little lower in their chair, hoping no one noticed that they're in the room.

More, after the jump.

I'm not going to bother recapping the second half.  Arizona isn't scoring on every posession, and we've held them to a field goal.  Oh wait, they might have just kicked another one.  Since their kicking woes are as bad as ours, I don't feel bad about them kicking it - it's hardly running up the score if your kicker isn't automatic, plus it's not like we're going to mount a comeback like the Buffalo Bills.  And they were only down 32 points.  And they had Jim Kelly.

Also in the second half I was distracted by the second Bay Area earthquake of the day - both centered around Berkeley, on the day of the Earthquake Drill.  How's that for coincidences??

We are also not bothering with the eye test, unless I can issue G and H grades.  Maybe a Q.  What would you do if you received a Q?

My personal highlights:

  1. Neuheisel screaming at Tresey, just like all of us at home.
  2. Josh Smith had some decent yardage on kick returns.
  3. Tyler Gonzalez had his first field goal attempt in his college career, and he pushes it wide right, but it had the distance. He makes his second attempt.  YAY!
  4. That streaker that pretty much caused the melee - that was the most original streaker EVER.  I was wondering why the ref had such short pants, and then he takes the ball and he runs off trying to take his shirt off.  Watch it.
  5. Seeing Joe Fauria catch a pass.  He does exist!  6'8" tight ends aren't imaginary!

Discuss away.  I've written the post game post for six of our seven games this season.  This one was the worst.  I can't even provide cogent analysis.  I have a lot of raw emotion coursing through me.