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Non-Revenue Roundup: Water Polo Slaughters Competition, Women's Golf Comes Up Short, Women's Soccer Sweeps in Arizona

Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference
Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference

The focus (and ire) of the wider Bruin Nation has been on Rick Neuheisel and the struggling football program, which is displaying the symptoms of being mired in the diseased culture of mediocrity perpetuated by Dan Guerrero and his unimaginative hacks at Morgan Center.

Of course, while Dan Guerrero has mismanaged our football program with two under-performing hires (under-performing being the understatement of the decade . . . decade of irrelevance for UCLA football), our non-revenue programs have also been on the downward slide.  Naturally, given how strong each program does each year, it's hard to notice, but as we discussed over the summer, the numbers don't lie: UCLA is sliding into athletic obscurity on Dan Guerrero's watch and our non-revenue programs have been winning, not because of, but rather, in spite of Dan Guerrero's "leadership" in Westwood.

The answer is clear: Dan Guerrero must be fired or resign immediately.

And with that, let's take a look at how our non-revenue programs fared this past week:

Good weekend for a handful of Bruin squads, highlighting what a winning program looks like in UCLA blue-and-gold, although big wins picked up despite Dan Guerrero's Reign of Error.

Fire away with your non-revenue thoughts, comments, and takes in the thread.