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Checkmate for Neuheisel: On Field Results Rest of this UCLA Season Will Not Matter

So Coach Rick Neuheisel says:

"I believe our football team will not quit," Neuheisel said. "I believe our football team will come back to work and I believe we'll play a much better game next week against Cal. That's where I am right now. We're going to play our best game against Cal and see where that leaves us."

Ricky Marvray thinks UCLA can win out rest of this season:

"This can't be a season breaker or season maker," receiver Ricky Marvray said. "We just have to come out with a fighting attitude and just not give up. I'm not one to give up ever no matter what the circumstances are. I'm going to keep fighting and as long as my teammates take the same stance, I think we'll be fine. We just have to win out the rest of the season."

Marvray's comments are funny because he is suspended for the Cal game

I appreciate the sentiment guys. Unfortunately it appears to us that team quit not just on each other but on those four letters on Thursday night. I understand and sympathize with public statements of Coach Neuheisel and his players. They are in a rough spot for sure. However, I hope they realize the rougher and unacceptable position UCLA football has been during last decade, making what was once a nationally proud program irrelevant at best and a laughing stock at worst on the national scene. Watching the college football highlight shows on the national networks has become a battle between "will they ignore us" or "will they make fun of us." 

There is no going back at this point. No matter what transpires rest of this season we want a wholesale regime change in Westwood [sign the petition calling for wholesale regime change here].

Anyone reading this community and other UCLA communities in last 72 hours should get a sense of the digital firestorm that is lighting up Westwood. Our traffic is through the roof and our posts are getting whipped around all over Facebook and Twitter. If anyone was hoping that Bruin alums were going to remain quiet after what happened Thursday night and what have been happening for last 10 years, they are going to be surprised. This is not going to get stopped by "emailing" a "blog" during mid-week.

We also want to make it clear for anyone who is under a delusion about the Bruins making a "Steve Lavin type" run to close out the season. Even if the Bruins put together a streak and win the Pac-12 South (as technically we still control our "destiny") we will want a regime change. I would also add we are not going to be impressed if Neuheisel somehow pulls off an emotional upset against USC. This game is over. We are done and we have emotionally moved on. This is obvious to non-UCLA observers as well.

If you have not signed a petition asking for a wholesale regime change in Westwood, you can do it here. You can also track all the activities around the movement to "OccupyUCLAAthletics" over here.

We still support our players and want them to do well against Cal this weekend, but the on field results will not matter to us when we ponder the big picture.

It's checkmate.