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Tonedeaf Guerrero Dismisses Bruin Fans and UCLA's Disaster in Tucson

Hey Dan - if you look closely, you can see the scoreboard.  It reads 48-7.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Hey Dan - if you look closely, you can see the scoreboard. It reads 48-7. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We have already indicated why Rick Neuheisel and Dan Guerrero must be terminated or resign immediately.  Since that post, national media has jumped on board, declaring Rick Neuheisel's floundering "painful to watch".  Additionally, there has been a call to cease all financial support to UCLA Athletics until Dan Guerrero and Rick Neuheisel are gone.  However, the most inspiring movements have been from the masses.  Make no mistake, there has been an all out digital call to arms against the current ineptitude seeping from the Morgan CenterMexibruin's online petition has gathered over 1100 signatures in two days.  An #OccupyUCLAAthletics movement has sprung from the student body.  

Despite these efforts, a flippant Dan Guerrero dismissed the uproar in his recent "Word from Westwood" email propaganda piece.  Dan gathers his inner "Baghdad Bob" by flippantly stating:

Several of you have expressed your concern and rightfully so.

Dan's backhanded attempt to dismiss this uproar of critics is not well taken.  His critics are true Bruins.  We deserve more than an arrogant response.  There are much more than several of us who want to win.  There are much more than several of us who have concluded that Dan Guerrero is not capable of running one the elite athletic programs in the nation.  Well, what was one of the elite athletic programs in the nation before Dan's arrival.  Why didn't Dan mention that "Thousands of fans have signed a petition to relieve him of his job"?  Or how about mentioning that his office has been "Inundated by furious fans and alums"?

Unfortunately for Dan, that wasn't the only backhand delivered in his message.

Dan manages to come off as more dismissive when attempting to diffuse the anger over last Thursday's nightmare.  Let me remind you that our pathetic football team was destroyed 48-12 by a 1-5 team on national television in a game that was only that close because Arizona let off the gas when they led 42-7 AT HALFTIME.  Dan states:

With that game now in the rear-view mirror, our players and coaches must turn their attention to this Saturday's homecoming game against Cal at 4 pm at the Rose Bowl.

Really Dan?  That is your best segue?  Why does this remind me of the scene from the Titanic when the Aristocrats continue to dance and eat caviar when the crew continually warns them that the ship is sinking?

The game against Arizona IS NOT in the rear-view mirror.  It is a gaping open wound that was fully exposed on national television.  Dan may wish the fans would "move-along", but his arrogant message is falling on deaf ears.  Bruins Nation will not let up until Dan Guerrero is terminated or resigns.

Dan's solution to the mess is to take a "chianti" trip to the Italian Riviera.  Good luck finding 36 Bruins willing to waste their time and money on a lame duck AD.  Don't worry Dan, Bruins Nation will advertise the trip for you.  Which tweet do you prefer, 1 or 2