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Bruin & 49ers Legend Randy Cross BLASTS UCLA Administration For Football Irrelevance

The video resides on the CBS Sports Youtube Channel. The headline asks a simple question: Is UCLA Becoming Irrelevant ? (HT uclaike):

(via CBSSports)

The man in the video is CBS sportscaster Randy Cross. Randy Cross is a Bruin and 49ers legend who was inducted into our school's Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992. If you need a flashback from BN:

His mother, "Rita, was the manager at Dkystra and Sproul Residence Halls on the UCLA campus".

"Being a Bruin to me is all about your chance to be a part of something very special that few ever get to experience. It wasn't about promises, it wasn't about gifts and it wasn't about arrogance or honors. For me, being a Bruin was the perfect place, at the perfect time and being around the perfect kind of people. "

Randy is also an avid follower of BruinsNation. He actually retweeted Nestor's post on Randall Carroll just two days ago. Randy is also, among other things, one of the more articulate national observers of the sport of football. 

With that in mind, it's not surprising that Cross' monologue sounds as if he's reading a Bruins Nation blog post. He just tore into UCLA administration for our "embarrassing" football program which in his word has become a charade. The video begins by noting -- as we did -- that the Arizona game was embarrassing to anyone even loosely affiliated with UCLA and that it sickened him on a personal level. 

I am posting a rough transcript of the video after the jump. It should be Facebooked, tweeted and shared with everyone in your Bruin network:

That game last night against Arizona was embarrassing to anyone who is even loosely affiliated with UCLA. That loss to Arizona just sickened me personally.

I am not here to drill Rick Neuheisel. Rick Neuheisel is getting stuff from every single possible angle. He's been on the supposed hot seat since before he even played a game this year.

I want to talk to the University itself.

Where are you people?

How do you want to compete? Okay because you are one of the best academic institutions in America. That is a given.  You also are very good in lot of different sports. But two sports that really count - basketball and football ... basketball that's another sport and that's another show ....

Football you have got to spend money to compete. You have to get some cooperation from your admissions department to compete properly. This game of football right now is about money. ...

So if you are not serious about competing, and if you are not serious about spending the amount of money that has to be spent, do everybody a favor and just in football - because you are an academic institution - go to the Ivy League. Play football there but don't keep this charade up. Please.

I don't have to add anything more to that. Well one thing ... make sure you sign the petition. Go Bruins.