When it's okay to root against your alma mater

I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I haven't the intestinal fortitude to follow this football team since week one. I have never felt so detached from this program since I enrolled as a freshman back in 1989. I do read daily, but just couldn't find it in me to post anything. My passion truly is at a all time low. I was planning on staying away until basketball season until I heard a segment on the radio today discussing whether or not it was okay for NFL fans to "root against" their favorite team in hopes of landing the crown jewel of the 2012 class, Andrew Luck. Basically, the consensus was that it indeed was alright, because a "true fan" wants what is good for their team in the long run, and if that means losing in the short term achieves that goal, so be it. So, that got me to thinking, is it okay to root against UCLA, knowing that every loss gets us one step closer to a change in leadership, and hence achieving what is best for the program in the long run? I say "yes".

If a coaching change had already happened, as I believe it should had after Rick regressed to 4-8 after year three, culminating with that embarrassing loss to southern cal, or, at the very least, after last Thursday, I wouldn't be writing this. However, knowing that our AD is the same AD that kept Karl Dorrell around for a 5th year after a 7-6 record in year four and a unexpected victory over southern cal, and knowing this is the same AD that kept Rick around after regressing to 4-8 after year three and a embarrassing loss to southern cal, and knowing that the schedule shapes up nicely in that something north of 6 wins is entirely achievable even for this poorly coached team, and knowing that anything north of 6 wins and, perhaps, with southern cal strategically lying down for us during their throw-away probation year, is "good enough" for this AD to keep Rick around for year five, then I wouldn't be writing this. But, unfortunately, I simply do not trust those making the decisions to do what is right for the program, unless the pressure is so immense, and the amount of defeats are so numerous, that they simply do not have a choice. This, unfortunately, is what I know true about my alma mater following this program since 1989.

I understand those who disagree with me and feel that it is never okay to root against our kids. I get it. I respect it. But, on the other side of the coin, do understand those who see the big picture and understand how things operate at this school. I came to the conclusion last year after the southern cal game that Rick was "not the guy". Now, just about everybody realizes that Rick is "not the guy", and what is best for this program, long term, is for a change in leadership as soon as possible. If losing now achieves that goal, then that is what I want. And I think it is okay to feel that way. Hence, I am writing this to convey to those who may feel the same way that I do that it is alright, you are not alone, and in my opinion you are no less of a fan than any one else. Go Bruins.

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