Ben Howland Agrees With Us: College Football is King

Pac-12  had its Media Day yesterday. If you have not done it yet here is DC Bruins' roundup. While the day reaffirmed BN's UCLA basketball expectations of winning back the conference, it were the football related comments from officials, coaches including Ben Howland that stood out:

"Clearly, football is driving the train right now," Scott said.

"Football is in control," UCLA basketball Coach Ben Howland said. "So much money is involved in running football programs and they generate just as much money."

California Coach Mike Montgomery used one word to describe the difference between football and basketball.

"Kansas," Montgomery said.

Then he elaborated: "All the talk about who was going where from the Big 12 and you never heard mention of Kansas basketball and its great tradition."

Thanks again to Coaches Howland and Montgomery for agreeing with us: football is king.


PS: Our best wishes to Coach Montgomery who is recovering from a surgery. Sounds like it all went well for him which is great news. Also, another loop worth closing on conference expansion - despite the efforts of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, West Virginia has been officially invited to the Big-12 (even though Big East is pathetically trying to hang on to the Mountaineers). We will see how all that folds. As Scott mention it's football that is driving this train.

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