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Non-Revenue Roundup: Women's Soccer Sweeps, Women's Golf Still #1, Men's Water Polo Falls, and Other Notes

Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference
Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference

Let's take a moment to reset and focus on UCLA teams that are competitive, play-to-win, and don't have talented athletes without anything resembling coaching (read: squads not run by Rick Neuheisel).  So although football is king (since it is the top revenue producer for an athletic department, where Morgan Center has failed under Guerr-error), our non-revenue athletes are continuing to excelnon-revenue athletes are continuing to excel (except men's soccer with its maddeningly inconsistent play) and give Bruin fans something to be excited about.

Let's take a look at how other UCLA sports fared this past weekend while the football team was being destroyed by the kid anointed by the MSM as College Football Jesus:

Good weekend for the Bruins, with all three women's teams finding strong performances to keep themselves at the top of the rankings and putting themselves all in prime position to capture conference titles, if not national titles.  Men's soccer appears to finally be turning the corner, dominating the offensive statistics (now, if they can only convert more "shots on goal" to actual goals, they'll be set), but still don't have the killer instinct we'd like to see.  All-in-all, a nice break from the disappointment we're accustomed to seeing on television thanks to Rick Neuheisel.