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Bruin Bites: Basketball Previews, Big Red Rides, Yoon's Post-Game, and Notes on MJD and ATV

It's Sunday afternoon, and for once, Bruin fans can relax and enjoy a complete victory.  Not a butt-ugly small-margin win over a perennial loser from a fourth-tier university (read: San Jose State and Washington State), but a complete win, where the guys not only played well, but UCLA beat an opponent with a decent amount of talent.  Yes, Zach Maynard is not the next coming of Andrew Luck, but he's been a solid QB the entire season, and Cal has very good talent on both sides of the ball, and Tedford is a pretty decent coach (although he's no Urban Meyer, Chip Kelly, or Gene Chizik), so this is a solid win over a solid conference opponent.

Now that being said, yesterday really illustrated one of the big strikes against this coaching regime: forced to play the younger guys because of injury and suspension, we finally saw Rick use the more talented players rather than the more senior players. In our much maligned defense, the big stars were Tevin McDonald, Stan McKay, Keenan Graham, Aramide Olaniyan, and Eric Kendricks.  Each of these guys were seeing the field due to either injury (Tony Dye and Dietrich Riley) or suspension (Graham and Olaniyan as part of a reshuffled front seven due to Cassius Marsh's suspension), or in the case of Kendricks, because he is just flat-out better than the senior who was starting ahead of him (Sean Westgate, who has a lot of heart, but simply is not a Pac-12 level linebacker).  But it wasn't just limited to younger guys: Datone Jones had his best game of the year after being shifted to the inside to make up for the loss of Marsh, which makes one wonder why this wasn't done earlier.  On the offensive side of the ball, Jerry Rice, Jr. made two solid catches, but more importantly, Wade Yandall just cleared space wherever he went.  Wade only got to play because Al Cid was suspended for the first half.

If anything, this game exposes the coaching staff: what took so long to get these guys on the field?  We've been clamoring for the young guys to get an opportunity. There are a lot of talented redshirt freshmen and sophomores on the roster, guys with more potential than the seniors starting ahead of them (perfect example: Kendricks).

Good win for the guys, but a lot of questions remain surrounding the coaching staff, which leaves us convinced we still need wholesale regime change in Westwood.  This is the UCLA team we should have seen all year long, but haven't, and ultimately that falls on Rick (and Dan).

With that, let's turn to the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse for this lazy fall Sunday afternoon:

Alright folks, that's your Bruin Bites round-up of news from around the UCLA-iverse.  Kick back and enjoy some NFL action in a weekend where everything went right: UCLA beat Cal (as we should) and U$C lost.  Great win for the young guys yesterday and we're all very excited to see how these guys explode on to the scene next year with real coaching and an athletic department not run by a complete idiot (read: Dan, we're still coming for your job).