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Non-Revenue Roundup: Bruins Get Clean Sweep Across the Board

While the wider Bruin Nation got a welcome relief from the torture of UCLA football with a victory over an average Cal team (itself in the middle of a transition period as Tedford tries to find the next QB), UCLA tasted victory in every athletic contest this past week, completing a perfect week for UCLA athletics.  For this one weekend, at least, everything appears right in the universe: UCLA football beat Cal, U$C lost, and every non-revenue sport in action picked up nothing but victories.

Of course, this week in non-revenue action isn't as clear cut, as a few programs struggled to assert themselves and barely squeaked out wins.  And of course, simply because this was a good week, it doesn't change the need for us to enact wholesale regime change in Westwood.  That said, a win is a win, and for this week, the Blue and Gold could not be touched, so let's take a look at how the other UCLA sports teams did this past week:

Alright folks, that's your non-revenue roundup for the past week. Great week across the board for the Bruins with many of our programs in prime position to make a deep post-season run and contend for a national title and possibly bring another banner (or two) home to Westwood.

Fire away with your thoughts, takes, analysis, and opinions in the comment thread.