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Lessons in Incompetence: UCLA's Dan Guerrero Gets Big Money for Mediocre Results

How would you feel if you got paid handsomely in exchange for mediocre performance at work? Wouldn't that be awesome? What if you could be like Peter Gibbons in Office Space and advance by phoning it in? No accountability, no fear of consequences, no need to perform, but sit back, collect a check, and do just enough to get by.

If your name is Dan Guerrero, then that is your life. Your reward for presiding over the worst period in UCLA football history, for promoting a diseased culture of mediocrity, and tone-deaf, ham-handed, pathetic attempts to engage and placate an upset and disgruntled fan base, is the nice princely sum of $688,296. No, not in one payment, but as an annual salary.

Think about that ladies and gentlemen: Dan Guerrero, arguably one of the worst athletic directors in the history of modern UCLA athletics, makes $688,296. What's even more laughable is that ol' Danny boy is the, wait for it, the highest paid athletic director in the Pac-12.


ESPN's Ted Miller reports, using USA Today's athletic director salary database, that Dan Guerrero is the highest-paid athletic director in the conference. Wow. Maybe for an encore, UCLA bureaucrats can get Senora Ross on the payroll and make her the highest paid faculty member on all UC campuses. Or, better yet, perhaps we can get UCLA bureaucrats to take over the NFL and make Ryan Leaf the highest paid football player in league history.

Wow. I would have no qualms with paying our athletic director a handsome sum if the job performance dictated it. Instead Dan Guerrero has turned his mismanagement of the athletic department into enough cash to buy eight new Porsche 911 Carrera sport cars per year with change to spare.

Here's some of the low-lights of Dan's Reign of Error:

What's sad is that this list isn't even exhaustive. One need only punch Guerrero's name into our search engine to pull up a full archive chronicling Dan's repeated failures as UCLA's athletic director.

And yet, this complete and total underperformance is somehow deserving of the highest salary of any other athletic director in the conference?

Simply put, this is unacceptable. For the amount of money that UCLA is paying Dan Guerrero, Bruins certainly deserve more than the pathetic "leadership" that we've seen from Dan Guerrero and his lying cronies at Morgan Center.