[Updated] Joshua Smith Calls LMU Bums ... Yet Lost to the Bums.

After the game Joshua Smith posted the following on Twitter:


After a game where UCLA did not play with any sense of urgency, any sense of teamwork, and letting a team that hasn't beat UCLA since 1941 come into our "house" and completely show us up, I don't believe LMU was the "bum" team.

Joshua Smith's line tonight:
16 minutes, 5 points, 4 rebounds, 3 blocks, 3 fouls.  Perhaps his only credit tonight is he committed zero turnovers.

After a good performance against a Division II team, one could definitely argue the straight bum tonight was UCLA  Basketball and the author of this tweet, Joshua Smith.

The "straight bums" of LMU also didn't look limited by their conditioning - they looked like they could go all night long.  Guess who does look limited by their conditioning?

The author, Joshua Smith. 

Who looked listless and bewildered as he picked up fouls during the game?

The author, Joshua Smith.

The same UCLA center who doesn't think he could possibly receive any flak or trouble for this tweet, but he's already started a firestorm with Diamond Leung of ESPN retweeting his comment and engaging others that pointed out he shouldn't call a team "bums" when you lose to them.

And once again, who lost to the LMU Bums... err Lions tonight?

The UCLA Bruins Basketball Bums.  Led by their "unstoppable" center.

UPDATE (N): As noted by indigo27 Smith wasn't the only clueless one:

“Cant believe we lost to a wack team. Smdh.”

Clueless on the court, classless off it.

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