Dan Guerrero and UCLA Football scheduling compared to Pac-12

We've already addressed how Dan Guerr-erro's scheduling is seriously behind the times, but until I checked, I didn't realize how badly the schedule compares to almost every other Pac-12 team.  This year the following 5 Pac-12 teams have 7 home games:





UW (1 at CenturyLink rather than Husky Stadium)

Among those teams that did not play 7 home games, Cal played an FCS (I-AA) team, WSU played an FCS team and 2 games in Seattle, OSU played an FCS team and a neutral site game in Seattle, Arizona played an FCS team, Utah played an FCS team.  Colorado played only 5 home games, with one at a neutral site, and with no games against an FCS opponent.

UCLA's football scheduling is quite simply not set up to help the team win, and seriously lags behind the overwhelming majority of the Pac-12.  It's just one more reason we need wholesale regime change in Westwood.

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