Silence of the Neubs

I was going to title this the "Neubs Greatest Hits" or something that rhymed with "hits" but I'm not that drunk yet. I'm not going to pretend like I have some sort of benevolent reason for doing this. It's just that I wasted a lot of time over the past week having to respond to a variety of stupid comments and far fetched hypotheticals from a bunch of Neubs, and in the words of the Simpsons/Looney Tunes/Medieval tradition, "I demand satisfaction".

Neubs in the wild come in all shapes and forms, and I've done my best here to categorize some of them:

The "disloyalty" Neub. As the record continues to pile up against Rick as the worst coach that UCLA has ever had, it has become more difficult to defend him based on the numbers. So one breed of Neub attempts to sow dissension by playing the "disloyalty" card.

When did wanting CRN and DG fired and being happy and cheering for our team become mutually exclusive?... I certainly do not read these posts closely but my overall sense is that it is filled with negativety (SIC) towards the entire FB program. Apparently, neither CRN nor the players can do no right. But I believe that when someone does something wrong, you tell them so. Likewise, if they do something right, you should give them their due credit. CRN and his players won a game against a ranked opponent that was supposed to mop the floor with our team’s collective a$$es.

This was after N gave the team an "A" grade in our eye test against ASU for giving "60 G-D minutes every game". So not only is the line about not giving credit completely incorrect, but it also proves exactly what this particular Neub said about not reading the posts closely. I mean seriously, if you freely admit that you don't read, then why would you ever feel that you're qualified to comment on the state of the community re: the attitude toward the entire football program. BN has never rooted against this team, but that doesn't stop the Neubs from playing the disloyalty card anyway.

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The "delicate flower" Neub claims to generally agree with the conclusion that Rick isn't the coach for us, but just doesn't like the "tone" with which the Neubs are treated. Evidently it's our job to coddle these people even when we're sick of the arguments we've had dozens or even hundreds of times before.

These unedning, vitriolic responses to some of the more innocent & benign comments has me shaking my head. Does it really have to be this way? Every time you threaten to remove someone from BN because of their opinion it smacks of censorship, whether you are correct or not.

I just want to say I completely respect the amount of thought and research that goes into a lot of these postings. I certainly try to read and and digest before making comments but feel bad for those "average" fans who fall into your trap. College Football is an inexact science, and nobody here on BN, with all the research, time, and thought in the world, has all the answers and knows EXACTLY what to do to fix the program.

We all do realize that everyone on here, misguided or not, wants the Bruins to win..right? Okay, go ahead and ban me now! Thanks

Herp Derp, "go ahead and ban me" durrrrrr. Yeah, that's a great way to get your point across. I recognize that we don't pull punches with people that don't look at the numbers and facts. Newsflash: That's why I am here. I came here from another a long time ago from a message board that shall remain nameless because I do respect the work that they do and don't want to needlessly bash on them, but the complete lack of moderation meant that the prevalent strategy for advancing an intellectually empty argument was to spam the hell out of it. Numbers and facts? Irrelevant. That attitude doesn't fly at BN.

The "Gene Block Sockpuppet" Neub. The Chancellor's only job is academics. Athletics should be and is an afterthought to this particular Neub. So long as we do well in the Olympic sports, we still have athletic clout, and that should be good enough to pacify the unwashed masses. 

You want to dump the AD because of football, despite the fact that UCLA is competitive in nearly every sport and has two or three teams with good shots at national championships this fall.

Do you honestly think any coach will look positively on a head coaching job at a university whose fan base has dumped its last two football coaches (and threatened to do the same to its highly successful basketball coach after one bad season)?

The only university with remotely the academics of UCLA that is thriving in football is Stanford, and that may be fleeting. Take a look at that top ten: one football factory after another, without an academic strength among them.

I guess my cognitive dissonance is that I thought that UCLA was a University. I didn’t get my degree there because of football, and I certainly didn’t choose to attend because of football. Did you? If so, maybe you should have gone to Florida or LSU or Oklahoma, gotten a big football fix, and then looked to see where the degree got you.

YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, PEOPLE! You're either good at football or good at academics. It's not the AD's fault his last two football hires have been terrible. Come on! Look how good we are at everything else! First to 100! You all should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking that we can do better.

I'm loving the way that the "top ten" is somehow the bar that we've supposedly set when the reality is that Rick isn't under the gun for not having a top ten program. He's under the gun for not having a team that consistently (or ever) legitimately competes for our conference title,and the same goes for his predecessor. And despite all the rhetoric Donut Dan threw around when he canned Toledo and declared that those would indeed be the goals under his administration, it appears that he has also fallen woefully short in this regard. We're only holding Dan to his word. It's not our fault that he's failed to live up to his own expectations.

The "Tin Foil Hat" Neub. There is simply no freaking way any other coach that goes 20-27 in his tenure is under this kind of pressure. It's a big conspiracy, and BN is the pushing "the agenda".  We are damn lucky that we have those 20 wins, and if all of us fact-based morons would stop conspiring against coaches who have compiled the worst record UCLA has ever seen, we would be all the better for it!

Nestor – it is so blatantly obvious that you (and this homer site) are trying to spin what is otherwise a solid win into something negative (or at least trying to downplay it) so that it can somehow fit with your overarching theme for this season. As a Bruin athletic donor, I take comfort in the fact that your opinion and those of this site have little, if any, influence.

Clearly, we are dealing with one of the Three Wealthy and Influential Alumni here. Everyone bow down!

The five-year-old-child Neub. This is the guy that sticks his fingers in his ears shuts his eyes, and screams whatever he wants. This is typically a drive by poster and isn't the kind of person you'll see after a loss.

Once again, i will say CRN is our man. After a HUMILIATING loss on national tv, CRN has been able to get his players to play 2 solid games. (BTB)…
We didnt get a "Gift Wrap" tonight…the offensive PI on Furia (SIC) was horrible…not to mention the defensive PI at the end of the game…bottom line, we fumbled a few, they missed a few FG’s, it all washes out…..THATS WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME FOR 60 MINUTES…..
Great job Bruins…!! On to Utah!!

If we listened to computers and prognosticators....

…The Yanks would have played and beat the Phillies this year in the world series…
…Oklahoma was a shoe in for this years BCS title game…
…AZ ST was supposed to beat us by 9 points and cruz to a win…
…in 2006, USC was supposed to beat us and waltz into the BCS Championship game …lost 13-9…..

Point is, you still have to line them up and play the game. Althought this game scares me (one of my pre season picks i saw as a loss) i bellieve we are on the right track and will win this weekend. CRN is our man…..

And if we listened to you and went to Vegas with that crap, we'd all be in the poor house right now. This is what cult leaders are made of. It's a good thing you have the charisma of a Easter Island Moai statue.

The "leading question" Neub. We saw a lot of this after our "miraculous" two game winning streak. "What if", guys? What if this team wins out a terrible half of this conference and still gets smoked by whoever comes out of the Pac-12 North. Surely that's enough, right? What will all you "haters" be saying then?

Are you saying...

…that if UCLA wins out and goes to the Rose Bowl you would still think CRN should be replaced? You do realize in order to do that we would have to beat AZ ST, Utah, CO, $C and the winner between OR and Stanford…Remember the last time we were #1 in the BCS and what the administration did to the program. Nobody will come here. "Bring in Dorrell to clean it up." We will never be $C…and we will never get Urban…..

So if we beat Utah, Colorado, and SC

but lost to Stanford or Oregon in the title game, you think it’s an unsuccessful season?...

...If Oregon is in the title game then they beat Stanford with their only loss being to LSU, and we will be playing at Autzen. Take any team in the country to Autzen Stadium and they are not winning that game.

Stanford makes the title game then they beat Oregon and run the table and are #1,2, or 3 depending on what LSU and OK St do. Expecting to beat an undefeated Stanford (at worst the number 3 team in the country) on the road? Thats not an expectation for anybody, not even Oregon next week

This kind of Neub feeds off of the unknown. The reasoning depends on the rosiest (no pun intended) possible scenario to justify silencing talk of regime change. I mean, surely what could be in the future holds more weight than the results already in over the course of the season right? This particular Neub won't be happy until we've been blown out in our final game of the season, instead preferring to "reserve judgment" which is their word for "make excuses" until all the results are in. And then they'll latch onto some other equally asinine excuse to justify another year of this garbage. This is the classic Dorrellian tactic, and we've seen this crap before. "Wait till next year" they say. I don't have to. 31-6. What now?

Oh yeah, that same guy also said this:

Our defense is improving as is, and winning games is the best measure of showing results. It’s progress and a 5 game win streak including two 20 teams to end the year is definitely building something.

31-6. Derp.

"Burn the Bridges" Neub. "Less is more"! When you reduce the sample size of something, you get better results. Let's ignore for a second that this means you can arbitrarily change the time period over which judgment is valid, and just drink the Kool-Aid and endorse rampant cherry picking.

The UCLA team that I am seeing does not look like the same team I was watching up to the Cal game.  And it doesn't look like any UCLA team I have seen here over the last few years. The UCLA team over the last two games looks to me like a top 25 team, and the win tonight over a ranked team validates that with some measure of objectivity.  I also see a team which is much improved on offense. (LOL)...

...In my opinion the best measure of our team going into the future is what kind of football they are playing by the end of the season, because to me that is the best indicator of how they will play next year and beyond...

...In order to beat Stanford (highly unlikely) we would have to be playing like a top 5 team at the end of the season. I certainly don't expect this, but to me it would be more than enough...

It's "more than enough" to play on the same field with Stanford. Perhaps we should thank them for the opportunity. Let's just ignore for a second that the whole end of season play thing was dismantled by last year's 4 win season. Also, I'm not sure that this poster understands what objectivity means. Beating a top 25 team at home that has an awful road record doesn't seem like an objective metric for measuring top 25 status, but hey, I'm not the guy with no standards.

The Neub. There are people that combine all of these awful stereotypes into one and defecate their nonsense onto our pages and make us all dumber for having read it:

Seems to me your conclusion is a farce and your deductive thinking lacks any form of logic. (Irony personified) You are totally disregarding the facts (LOL) and you are not making an apple to apple comparison. Looks more to me like a tangerine to a grapefruit.

It is also apparent to me CRN has by far out performed his former Bruin friend not in the win/loss column but definitely in momentum and rebuilding of the Ucla Football program for the immediate future (20-27). Think about what Rick had to overcome versus what KD had available to start his tenure and the status of the condition when he left.

Plus what assurance or proof do you have that any newly recruited coach could perform better in recruiting and building the Ucla football program than CRN, given the university’s entrance requirements and budgetary restraints and policies?

So far, no one has answered my earlier questions about where is the money going to come from to hire the miracle worker/coach under the current policies and conditions. (This was answered multiple times by multiple posters)

I suggest your { "Neubness" is nauseating} attitudes and your lynch the current coaching staff are both disrespectful to Ucla athletics, the football coaches and beyond that are damaging to the current recruiting of prospective athletes so necessary to maintaining and building on the momentum already established by CRN and his staff.

Emphasis and additions in parenthesis mine. I would have believed this to be comedy if not for this particular Neub's history of writing this type of drivel. As if to prove me correct, here is more hilarity just 6 hours apart from it:

Now, how about some perspective?

From most of the posts of late, there is a general calling for CHANGE of least 2 of the 3 named above, with variations as wide as the planet.

For those of you calling for the firing of the existing coaches and hiring of a new, to be named "phenomenal" new head coach that could take the existing material and build it into a national powerhouse or even top 10-25 BCS competitor in a year or two, I only have one question for you. Where in the budget within the UC system and in particular in UCLA’s budget do you see the millions it will take to hire such a person? Which gives rise to another key question and that is "Who in their right mind would make a gift/donation annually to the University knowing what the existing policy is towards conditional gifts and the possibility of directing them for specific uses, i.e. hiring a new football coach? (Again, questions answered or addressed multiple times here on BN by multiple posters)

IMHO, we all need to sit back take a deep breath and come to the realization that there will be no regime change, if any, until the end of 2012. During the ASU game I thought I heard one of the commentators quote AD DG as saying CRN’s position is secure through the end of his contract which includes next season. Please correct me if I am wrong about this. (Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Nostradumbass)

As much as many of you want to assert your views on the administration and the coaching staff, you are all lacking Authority and or Power to bring about such changes and in reality have little more than some Influence on these issues.

Thank God we've identified one of the Three Wealthy and Influential Alumni! The smugness of this piss-ant as he claims superiority from his high horse as he asserts his position as our masters clearly shows that we are in the wrong for daring to question the powers that be. Oh wait, I forgot, you're just a senile old fuck. His lack of fact based arguments and complete reliance on emotional garbage like citing "Rick's love of the University" as a reason to retain him tells me all I need to know about this particular Neub's rampant insecurity in not only Rick's precarious position, but also his own self-importance.

The point is that being a Neub requires blind faith in an unknown outcome. We at BN do not subscribe to that nonsense. Perhaps once in a while, you will end up being Nostradamus, but when you don't base your arguments on facts, you are far more likely to end up being Nostradumbass. We base our arguments and conclusions on the current facts and the facts at hand for precisely this reason. Even if we're wrong, we will always be able to lay out the facts at the time, and any reasonable person would be able to see that it is a valid conclusion based on observation. When you take a flyer on faith, you lose that safety net. Worse, you are likely to throw your efforts behind a cause that is not worthy of it. There is simply no fact based reason to be a Neub anymore.

In conclusion, every time I see a Neub try to speak, it's like I see the words, but in reality, the only thing I'm thinking is this:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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