WWCWD (What Would Coach Wooden Do?)

This is the first, in what could be a possibly very brief series of WWCWD (What Would Coach Wooden Do?).  This is obviously a riff on the formerly popular WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).  If any of you out there would like to assist in this endeavor, please feel free to create your variation and sequels to this theme.  Please follow me after the jump which is actually a leap.

As I observed our beat down at the hands of mighty LMU last night I noticed something that has bothered me since last year.  Uniformity being the bedfellow of cohesion, why is it that our players are wearing no less than 3 (three) different colors of shoes?  Yes three.  Josh Smith was wearing yellow shoes, others were wearing blue and some white.  I think this smacks of lack of discipline.  Why not allow some of the players to wear home jerseys while others wear road jerseys.  It's the frickin' uniform dammit.  Coach used to teach his players how to put their socks on for darn sakes.  Have you ever seen a football team with some players wearing black shoes and others white?(Actually, I think I saw that from a bruins team once).   I remember the 1993 bb team every single player wore BLACK shoes that year.  That team was kind of a working-man's team anyway so it fit.   Thoughts.  WWCWD?

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